Which Is Better, Brazilian Or Indian Human Hair Extensions?


Which Is Better, Brazilian Or Indian Human Hair Extensions?

Women love the Brazilian and Indian human hair weaves. They are both high-quality and bring the anticipated change once a woman puts it on. However, it's not the same thing; each has its unique qualities and characteristics. Knowing more about each of these hair extensions can help you make an informed decision when shopping.

Brazilian Hair

The Brazilian hair extensions have a luxurious but versatile texture, and it’s one of the many reasons it is so popular in recent years. Original human hair from Brazil is durable, thick, and quite soft. It can be used with various styles including curly, wavy, and straight. Besides, you can color it and transform it in any way you want.

The thick strands of Brazilian extensions enable you to use a few bundles to create a full look. However, it looks better when less is used. The density prevents it from freezing and remains smooth all the time, which is common in Indian and Malaysian human hair. This hair tends to maintain curls for a long, and they are not easy to straighten even when you use a flat iron.

Indian Hair

Virgin Indian hair extensions are beautiful and extremely popular with most hair stylists. It is regarded as one of the human hair types obtained legally all over the world. Indians voluntarily shave and mostly donate it through religious rituals. They don’t gain anything financially after donating the hair. The hair is sold by the Indian temple to hair vendors and the money got is used to help those in need in the community. Brands Like Hair Factory, Diva Divine sells pure virgin hair as it is sourced from the South Indian Temples.

The Indian hair comes with a natural wave, but it’s light, bouncy, and airy. It doesn’t tangle or shed and remains shiny for a long time. It blends well with different types of hair, and you can find it in various textures including curly, straight, and wavy. Common colors of the Indian hair are black and dark brown.

4 Differences between Brazil hair and Indian hair

  1. Brazil’s hair can withstand humid conditions better than Indian hair. It doesn’t frizz and remains shiny and silky regardless of the weather.
  2. Indian hair is available in its original form more easily than the Brazil Extensions. It is regarded as a high-quality human hair in the market.
  3. Brazilian hair has a high density, and a few bundles enable you to achieve a good look. But, with the Indian hair, you have to use more hair to look good.
  4. The Indian hair can be styled easily while Brazilian hair holds onto curls tightly and cannot be straightened well even by using a flat iron.

Which Is Better Brazilian Or Indian Hair?

Both types of human extensions blend nicely with African American hair. They are excellent choices when looking forward to buying natural extensions whose hair cuticle is not tampered with. Though the two are different in several ways, each can provide the best option depending on what you are looking for. If you want coarse and thick hair, Brazil extensions are the best choice. For soft wavy hair, go for Indian hair extensions.

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