What Style Tells About Your Personality?


What Style Tells About Your Personality

It is a universal fact that every human on this planet has a unique personality and want to stay this way. Nobody wants to be called average or common. Although, we all are very common with one another. We have common needs, interests, and ways of living. It is easy to judge people’s personalities just by the way you look and surprising a person tells a lot of things through his or her appearance. There are certain things, certain styles that can show a handful of things about an individual’s personality.

Ripped Jeans With A T-shirt.

The one thing we need to keep in mind that these are just assumptions and guesses and you can’t completely judge someone based on their clothing style. Let’s say a guy or a girl is wearing ripped jeans and a T-Shirt along with sneakers or Chassell boots. Now, this is a casual style that looks fantastic and shows that the person is careless, immature, fun, and adventurous. Generally, people of a young age are into this kind of dressing.

A Suit and A Tie

A necktie is considered formal and a compulsory part of office wear especially for men. Therefore, it can be assumed that if a person has a collection of neckties hanging in his closet than he must be a white-collar office worker. Similarly, If the guy has a collection of suits than he or she must be at a superior position doing a white-collar job. It is most likely that these people also have a variety of plain dress shirt for layering under suits.

Funny T-shirts For Women

We have been noticing the trend of hilarious prints on T-Shirts. These t-shirts are extremely trendy and catchy. People of young age especially women are liking and appreciating these trendy T-Shirts because of their unique style, comfort, and ability to offer personalization. This style of clothing tells that this individual is not bothered by getting a little attention, has confidence, and a good sense of humour. The only thing wrong about this style is that it doesn’t look formal and can’t be worn in formal settings.

Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are, I believe the king of all attires. The leather jacket has this unique personality that makes it superior form any other outfit. Firstly, the leather is acquired from an animal’s skin which makes it rare and expensive, and as a result the jacket considerably durable. The person wearing a leather jacket is assumed tough, rugged, and adventurous. Bikers are also associated with leather jackets. For bikers, leather jackets are a mandatory part of their outfit because it shows how macho you are. In addition to that the more distressed your jacket looks the more fashionable you are.

Skintight Clothes

Skintight clothing has been a trend from quite some time and it has become a symbol of athleticism and activism. People who are into sports or athletes are into skin-tight clothing because it shows how physically fit you are. The tight fit makes your muscles more prominent and makes you look muscular and in good shape. Therefore, we can assume that the skin-tight clothing style tells that the person has an active personality, enthusiasm for fitness, and sports. Or he or she is a bodybuilder.

A Long Beard Style For Men

Beard has been a game-changer for men for a very long time. Beard has done those wonders for men that the makeup has not come close for women. If you have an ordinary looking face and you need to level up your game you just have to grow a beard and voila you are all set. The kind of beard tells a lot about the man’s personality for example if the guy is clean-shaven then he must be an office worker, doing a 9 to 5 or a soldier. If a man has a goatee he might be an artist, an IT guy, or a member of a music band. If a man has a full-grown beard then there is a bright chance that this guy is a model, an entrepreneur, or a celebrity. He can also be a wrestler or a thug or a Harley Davidson Biker.

The conclusion is that we can guess a lot by the style of people, we can guess what could be their interest, what kind of lifestyle they might be living, or what profession they belong to. Therefore, to create the right impression you must have the right style that matches your personality. They say that never judge a book by its cover but I say if you are a good book that you should have an amazing cover.

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