The Six Basic Differences Between Academic Writing & Content Writing


The Six Basic Differences Between Academic Writing & Content Writing

Since academic and content writing has gained immense popularity in this era, the concept of these genres of writing is usually mistaken by people.

Have written your assignments, right? What tone did you choose to exhibit? Formal? Writing an assignment or academic work can never acquire the same structure and tone as building content.

‘’Academic writing is concise, focused and backed up by evidence’’ which is its crucial element. Whereas, ‘’Content writing is structured for the promotion of a product or other various things’’.

In this article, you will get familiar with the very basics of both the writing styles and once you are done evaluating these differences, you will easily be able to differentiate between both of them.

Structural Differences between Academic and Content Writing:

While attempting any kind of writing the foremost crucial element is its formatting, distribution, and formation of definite structure.

This explanation of structure will help you differentiate a major aspect of both genres of writing while getting assistance from academic writing services or writing on your own.

Academic Writing:

The structure of academic writing is dependable on the type of essay or assignment. However, the most common structure followed is a three-part essay structure which divides its body into 3 sections:

Introduction, that defines the topic, Matter body that provides different insights into the topic, and Conclusion that summarizes the discussed topic.

Content Writing:

This genre of writing doesn’t have any definite structure. The writers’ structure this according to their own wish.

Sentence Formation in Academic and Content Writing:

Sentences are the group of words, these words cluster up to add meanings, emotions, and feelings in sentences. However, construction or formation of sentences varies from one genre of writing to others.

The difference of sentence construction widely observed in essay done or other resources of Academic and Content Writing is as follows: -

Academic Writing:

However academic writing is usually concise but the sentence construction varies. Didn’t get the reason? Simply because academic writing doesn’t put forth the details, in fact, it provides reasons and justification to prove or disapprove the specific argument. It carries a responsibility to be specific and unambiguous.

Content Writing:

Sentence construction in content is concise but ambiguous because the nature of these sentences is to grab attention or excite the emotions of the readers instantly.

Exhibition of Tone in Academic and Content Writing:

Writing tone, in general, is adopted to express or exhibit emotions and feelings in writing. It is expressed by the use of syntax or point of idea and can remain constant or changing.

Academic Writing:

This genre of writing adopts a strict and formal tone for readers as its major focus are to present information or details on the mentioned topic.

Content Writing:

Imagine a situation where you are provided a research paper and blog posts on two similar topics, which will interest you at the moment. The answer is pretty obvious.

Content writing’s crucial purpose is to grab instant attention and requires a bit more creativity, hence the tone adopted in this style of writing is generally informal.

Usage of Citation:

While building formal writing you are generally asked for thorough research on the same topic through various resources and authors reading in order to strengthen your arguments.

Citation is a way to provide the source to your readers you collected or presented information from and also a way to credit the tireless work of authors you added to strengthen your arguments.

Academic Writing:

In preparing an academic writing piece to be it an essay or assignment, the sources you utilized for providing clarity in your work must be referred or cited, this is a required step in academic writing.

Content Writing:

Using a reference in content is optional as most of the work required in the content is based on the author's own knowledge of the subject. Hence there is no strict rule of citation in content writing.

Usage of Graphics:

Graphics, be it visual, images or various designs are used to document information in simpler ways and major sources for inciting people to read your piece of writing.

Academic Writing:

Using images in academic writing is optional. However, if it’s used then its major purpose is to represent its idea in a simpler form.

Content Writing:

The entire essence of content writing lies in the representation or documentation through creative means posters/ videography etc.

Target Audience in Academic and Content Writing:

Target Audience includes people who are interested in reading your articles or blogs.

Academic Writing:

The audience for academic writing is usually professors, students, or other academic instructors.

Content Writing:

This type of writing in general and target or interest the mass public.

To Sum Up:

Both writings possess their own challenges, complications and have their unique format and structure, and are equally opportunistic in their own domains.

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