The Best Plagiarism Checker Plugins in 2020


The Best Plagiarism Checker Plugins in 2020

If you work online, you must have come across the term plagiarism! It is a problem that worsens every day. Anyone can be a victim of stealing content. That means you have used someone else's web content.


What is plagiarism is a question you need to answer to understand everything. We can say it is the act of presenting work that is not yours without the owner's consent. That means you have included someone's work into your content without their knowledge. You are likely to get accused of stealing content if you send it without checking.


There is a need for a plagiarism checker where you run your work to proofread your text before you publish it. It will let you know and remove any duplicate work to zero. Perhaps you have seen or come across many platforms offering free and subscription-based checkers. These help you to see the originality of your content.


It is hard to choose the best plagiarism checker as a newbie. Here are the best plagiarism checker plugin that you can use to get rid of duplicate texts from your content.




It is one of the best tools that check duplicate text in your content. Grammarly not only checks grammar mistakes but also it provides unmatched plagiarism services. It is user-friendly even for the newbies.


Do you want to compare your writing from other websites? You need to sign up and create a free Grammarly account. From there, upload or copy and paste your content in the editor section. After that, click on the circle section found on your left-hand navigation bar to check duplicity. You will know if your work features on any other website.


It is good to note that this option is only available for premium users. The Grammarly monthly is about 29$ each month. Although it is expensive, this tool is worth the investment to check large content often.




This tool helps protect the shortcode, posts, and pages that require high accuracy. Copyfight offers incomparable defense when it comes to duplicate wok. Besides, it prevents people from stealing email addresses, a unique feature.


You can access this plugin from your WordPress dashboard. It is among the best plugins that are available today. This is because it offers a seamless experience and keeps your content safe.


The free online plagiarism checker


Copying content can cause serious issues to your site's SEO. This is because duplicate content affects your website's ranking in search engines. It is because of the penalty charges you may face. In order to rank high on search engines, this tool aims to offer quality services. That way, it reduces the risks by checking plagiarism. Besides, it will help you change it to zero duplicity. You can edit sections. It works when you post the work into your WordPress platform. The tool is readily available. It can be used with ease to check the drafted posts.


This is a great way to do away with potential thieves. You need to create a free account and place the badge on your web pages. Upon registration, you will access a secure portal. From there, you can view your web pages' status with ease. The DMCA takes down the service if anyone is using your content without your consent. That way, you can eliminate the content within a short time. Besides, this tool can protect your images and videos. It is a must-have plugin for content-rich websites. DMCA Protection Badge




Copyscape the tool uses its API to check if your content is original. The plugin adds a button on your WordPress website that helps check duplicated work anytime. The tool shows the Copyscape check button on the interface of your WordPress website.  


You can also check the work automatically if you set it to happen before publishing your article. If there is duplicate work on your content, you will get a report. This report shows unoriginal work against their original posts and pages. Besides, it highlights a well-detailed comparison and suggestions for a suitable replacement.




It is a useful tool that checks the duplicate text from your content. It scans your post or page with just one click on this tool. All your content is reviewed against thousands of webpages. You will know the plagiarized sentences and the unique ones as it keenly scans the whole document. 




Website content concerns researching well to provide unique readable work. Your content is considered duplicate when it has a high percentage of someone else work. It could either be literary or semantically. If you use the plugin mentioned above, you can do away with duplication with ease. That way, your work will be good and will be ranked on the first pages on Google.

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