Social Media Marketing In Contrast With Wiki Page Marketing


Social Media Marketing In Contrast With Wiki Page Marketing


Over the years new and improved strategies and techniques for marketing have been introduced and have made quite an impact on the business world. Before the internet started getting used commonly the traditional methods of marketing were being used by brands and business organizations all over the world. And these traditional methods were quite effective and successful for their time as well.

As time passed and as the use of the internet increased new and various other marketing methods and techniques came into the picture. These innovative marketing techniques and strategies were a much more modern approach towards marketing and by all means, have proven to be much more effective and cost-friendly than the traditional marketing approach. 

As we all know that the use of the internet has created the whole world into a global village and communication has been made far easier than before through it. Brands and business organizations across the planet have been using the internet as a medium through which they are now successfully reaching out to and engaging their target audiences much more effectively and efficiently. 

Social Media Marketing

Nowadays, the use of social media marketing is quite common by brands and business organizations all over the world. Over five years ago the boom of social media marketing hit the market quite powerfully and now, one can hardly find a business organization or brand that is not making use of this amazing marketing tool. So, what is social media marketing?

Well, we all have a pretty good idea of what social media platforms are. Websites that allow users or people all over the world to connect and share information, ideas, and many different types of content. Some of the famous social media platforms that millions of people are using very regularly are Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Youtube. There are many others but it is safe to assume that these social media platforms have the largest user base in the world. 

Brands and business organizations saw this increasing use of social media platforms by people all over the world as an opportunity that will allow them to reach out to billions of people through these platforms. And over the year’s brands and business organizations across the planet have been using these platforms to create awareness about their businesses and their products in the most effective manner. Now, social media marketing basically uses the content of mainly three types to engage its target audience. 

Video Content: Most brands upload videos, both animated and real-live videos to engage and influence their target audience.

Audio Content: Many brands use podcasts or audio content to promote their products quite effectively on social media.

Written Content: Blogging, article writing, stories and many other forms of written content are used by brands to create brand awareness and increase audience engagement. 

Another way social media marketing is being done is by simply posting advertisements on social media by spending a little money, which brands often do these days.

Wiki Page Marketing:

Now, wiki page marketing is quite different from social media marketing. Many brands often opt for professional Wikipedia writers for hire so that they can use their talents and expertise to create wiki pages about themselves in order to use them to create awareness in the target audience.

Now, Wikipedia marketing is not as direct and aggressive in nature as social media marketing is, in fact, direct promotion and advertisements are strictly not allowed on this platform. Brands use this platform very carefully to create brand awareness by using written content which is only approved if the content is written according to the guidelines and policies of Wikipedia. 

Over the past decade, this particular way of marketing has also, become quite famous and popular in the business the world as it has proven to be one of the most reliable and effective ways of passive marketing.

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