OgyMogy: A Must-Have Prental Control App For Working Parents


OgyMogy: A Must-Have Prental Control App For Working Parents

Managing a personal and professional life in a balanced way is one hell of a job and working parents especially mothers have my respect. I mean it’s tough for them to be a professional worker and a caring mother at the same time. In the lunch hour, they worry about the kid’s proper lunch or what is he up to, etc. Wellbeing a parent is not easy and being a working parent of a teen is like double trouble. You have to make sure that you are doing your best for their physical and psychological growth along with fulfilling their needs and desires. You are not there for them 24/7, so the time they are on their own and you are not with them demands extra attention. I mean it's not feasible for working mothers to call the teen every hour to check on them. It will be considered obsessive behavior by your kids and might be by your boss as well.

So to keep things simple and under control, we offer you an easy solution. Just get OgyMogy. It’s a prental control app that can be used by parents to keep an eye on their kids. It offers several features that allow the parents to monitor their child even if they are at work at not with them. This app is an efficient spy app that can be used by employers to keep a check on employees’ activities. Select the desired package offered by OgyMogy and install the app on the gadgets. It can be a smartphone or laptop or tablet. It offers separate versions both for Mac and Windows users. The android version is suitable for those who want to monitor the teen through their cell phones.

Location Tracking Feature:

OgyMogy allows the user to know the exact location of the target person in real-time. Thus you can monitor your child's whereabouts after school or at any time by using the track location feature of OgyMogy. You can also make sure that your teen does not visit any inappropriate place by putting it in the restricted zone on google map. Thus if the kid will enter the restricted zone OgyMogy will notify you immediately

Call Recording Feature:

With hte call recording feature, OgyMogy provides the user with remote access to the call logbook of the target person. You can check all the incoming and outgoing call records with time stamps. You can even hear the call recording of any suspected number. It can also recover the deleted text message as well thus monitor their chat history and know about their discussions.

Screen Recording Feature:

OgyMogy offers the screen recording app which allows the user to watch the screen of your teen at any given time. Thus monitor what are they doing on their laptop or smartphone all day long and make sure they are not into any unsuitable or adult content. The screen monitoring feature of OgyMogy saves the screen in image form or short video recordings.

Monitor The Installed Apps:

There are many kinds of app available in the app store and anyone can install them. It is necessary to keep an eye on apps your teen in installing in the smartphone. You might need to block certain apps as they are not good for kids. So with the help of the spy app, you can keep track of all the apps installed on your kid's phone.

Check Internet Browsing History:

The internet can be sources of information and distraction at the same time. So make sure to keep an eye on the browsing history of your teen. It offers the track internet browsing feature which allows the user to have access to all the websites visited by the target person. You can also check the bookmarked folder as well to know the interest of your teen.

Social Media Spy apps:

OgyMogy offers a list of spy apps solely built for monitoring of social media activities. Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype, Snapchat, Viber, Twiter, Line, and many other social media apps are covered. Social media spy apps allow the user to monitor all the activities on social media which include access to the chatbox and voice log as well. Thus, make sure nobody is stalking or bullying your kid online with this app.

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