Martial Arts Weapons – Perfect Equipment for Martial Artist


Martial Arts Weapons – Perfect Equipment for Martial Artist

If you do not know what martial arts weapons are, you do not belong to this world. Martial arts are one particular type of fighting skill set that takes its origin from Asia. Ninjas and samurais that were famous warriors of the Asian region acquired these unique skills to keep all types of danger away.

Kung fu, jujitsu, and taekwondo are some of the types of best martial arts. The skill was learned with the help of equipment and even without it. The equipment that falls into this category includes the staff weapon, throwing shuriken/star, sai, ninja sword, and the nunchucks.

Gaining command over the skill is quite a hard deal as it required a lot of effort, hard work, and passion. But once acquired, there is no way that anyone gets past you. The weapons being offered today come in a variety of cool types. Each type is particular for a unique reason, and so you can decide on what suits you the best. 

Types of Martial Arts Weapons

This section will get you knowledgeable about the multiple types of Martial Arts Weapons for sale so that you know which one to pick while looking for one. 

Bo Staff

The bo staff, also known as the wooden staff, is a weapon that is a thick stick made up of wood. The staff is similar to the baton that the police uses. The warriors used the weapon by hitting one end of it while holding onto the other, and they also used it by flipping it at a quick pace that hit multiple enemies in one go. You can also use it in the same way, and alongside those ways, you can also use it to block a large number of people with it just like the extendable baton does. The staff comes in different types of woods, and you can also buy ones that have cool patterns on them. 


The nunchucks are a cool weapon that you may have seen many times in events or performances. They comprise of two sticks that are joined together with the help of a chain. They were used by hitting one stick or by strangling the enemy with the help of the thick chain they have. You can utilize them the same way, and you can even show off your cool skills with the nunchaku. 


The sai is a weapon that is shaped like a fork, except that it is a somewhat larger version of a fork. The weapon has three pointed blades and a short handle that adds to the greater control over the weapon. It was used as a secondary tool to block sword attacks and to stab enemies to death. You can keep the sai with you and can defend yourself from attacks in the same way. 

Ninja Sword

From the collection of martial arts supplies, we also have the ninja sword. The sword that was used back then was known as the katana. It was short in size, and two were used at a time. The unique part about the sword was that it had a curved blade with a cut from the front. The weapon was a primary fighting weapon to keep strangers at bay. 

Throwing Stars

Throwing stars are the coolest of all ninja weapons and gear, and that is because of many reasons. The weapon is a star-shaped tool, made up of metal, and has four to five-pointed edges. The warriors used it by throwing it directly in the direction of the enemy. The throwing cards are also cool as they are given the look of a poker card and have pointed edges. The weapon is excellent for self-defense and hunting because of its long-range hitting capability.

Training Tools & Uniform

Without training equipment, you cannot master the art of using actual weapons, and that is why you also get to buy a variety of training tools. The training tools are made up of wood, plastic, and foam, and most of the above listed best martial arts for self-defense are available in such materials. You get to practice with them without thinking of getting injured freely. 

Alongside everything, you need to wear the appropriate gear and uniform to look like a warrior, and that is why many types of uniforms are being offered that are available in a variety of sizes. The training equipment and uniforms can also be bought for kids. 

Uses and Benefits of Buying the Real Ninja Weapons

The real ninja weapons are of great worth because of being historic. Although modern weapons have changed everything, you can still bring them into use. You can hunt with the stars as they are known for long-range hitting. You can defend yourself with the weapons as they did in the past. And finally, as they are of great worth, you can collect and build up a collection with them. 

The equipment that you find is priced at a low and can be bought from a variety of places out there. You can purchase them for yourself, or you can buy them for selling them ahead. To look out for the weapons, check out weapon places nearby you or look for them online at places. Do not wait; grab your martial arts weapons today. 

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