Importance of User Generated Content in Marketing


Importance of User Generated Content in Marketing

As the term signifies, UGC is content that is contributed by your clients, customers, visitors, or the person using your product or services. The content may be received in various forms, such as videos, photos, comments, and feedback, etc.

Content generated by the audiences is submitted on popular platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or other widely used platforms.

In simpler terms, we can conclude that UGC is now the most effective propaganda in marketing strategies. Nowadays, many brands have started to incorporate user-generated content into their marketing campaign to raise their brand value in terms of engagement and authenticity, which are the topmost priorities of every brand in the business market.

Indeed, UGC is valuable for creating a brand image, overall presence, and position of a particular business in its respective business field.

Moreover, it gives a sense of attachment to clients & customers with your brand or community; users feel that the brand respects their opinions.

Hence, brands should also show responsiveness towards their customer's views or suggestions, or whatever the feedback is, and make changes and improvements accordingly.

These all build a strong customer base for you and allow you to move ahead more confidently with your customer's support.

Let's check how UGC is helpful for businesses for marketing and increasing brand loyalty; This helps brands better understand the mindset and the exact needs of their target audience.

Making improvements and changes into their products and services according to customers and making efforts to satisfy the requirements of the base.

It helps to build trust, which is the most important factor in creating a brand image.

This improves customer engagement and in generating the relevant traffic on your website.

It gives a chance for individuals to associate with similar mindset people and helps to build a greater, more grounded, increasingly bound together network.

It prepares to find the correct influencers, at the perfect time, on the correct channels.

It expands your image's web crawler rankings, validity, and online visibility. Its peer created, which makes it a more reliable source than in-house content.

It's vital, exceptional, and it can't be imitated by contending brands.

Examples of User-Generated Content used in practical marketing:

The popular Starbucks and Coca - Cola are two best live examples of UGC -

Starbucks - They have started the "White Cup Contest" where customers have a competition of creating the best doodle on their cups.

This contest has received a huge customer's response and significantly raised their popularity.

Coca - Cola - This brand has organized a "share a coke" campaign in which customers have to upload an image of them with a coke bottle on the social media platform.

On the whole, UGC can influence the buying decision up to 59% of the time, and 84% of people state that UGC on organization sites has probably some effect on what they purchase, ordinarily in a positive manner.

What are the open doors in the client created content?

The benefits of UGC are it is a fast, simple approach to reach the majority. Here are a few examples:

The organizations can utilize online networking for marking and set up challenges for the group of spectators that present their own manifestations to bring issues to light and make awareness, regardless of whether it be for an association, company, or event.

Additional points of view from individuals that one wouldn't generally get the chance to draw in with.

Personalization of the content put out: 71% of consumers like customized

Advertisements The most effective method to Encourage user-generated content and Develop Online Communities:

  • Support cooperation through boosting.
  • Set a standard for individuals to follow.
  • Be straightforward and honest with individuals.
  • Promote your locale to draw in new individuals.
  • Be determined and normally contribute to building up a voice.
  • Enable individuals to be independent.

Difficulties that Come with User-Generated Content:

It requires an investment of time to fabricate a brand, and there are a lot of difficulties in making a successful online network. While it's a practical and possibly game-evolving approach, advertisers need to comprehend that UGC isn't as simple to control as content that you produce in-house.

Before you organize a UGC campaign, ensure that your image is strong and that your clients love what you're doing.

Keep in mind; it's their content, not yours. So, whether it's useful for your image or not, it's out there.


At last and finally, likewise with any impactful content advertising exertion, making an effective network of clients and curating excellent UGC takes, time, assets, ability, or we can say UGC is giving "Power to the People"!!!

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