From Archie Comics to Riverdale: What Has Changed?


From Archie Comics to Riverdale: What Has Changed?

Based on the ‘40s Archie Comics, Riverdale is currently keeping all of the audience waiting for season 5. The story includes some nail-biting scenes, and the mystery behind the whole Jason blossom murder thing makes us doubt every single character of the series. Well, did you know that the story was not as ‘dark’ in the comics as it is portrayed by Jason Moore? 

The whole script is based on lies, intrigues, and secrets, of which there was no hint in the comics. Not just that, there was no Southside Serpents Jacket in the comics! Although there was a cute gang of kids who used to ride bikes. The name ‘Southside Serpents’ was still the same as the series, and they were the rivals of Archie. But the Southside Serpents, which is portrayed in Riverdale, is not cute at all; it is a gang of petty criminals who deal with drugs. Let’s take a quick look at the major changes between the light comics and the dark TV series.

Jughead Was A Humorous Person!

In the comics, Jughead was a foodie who loves burgers. He was a light-hearted person who jokes a lot to keep his friends always laughing. He was a silly, lazy guy who has no interest in girls. Burgers, jokes, and friends - this was his whole life. You also might be surprised to know that he was an extrovert in the comics, which is the biggest contradiction from the series.

We see Jug always hanging around in a coffee cafe and mostly ‘alone’ in the series. He usually has a cup of black coffee resting in front of him on the table. The introvert guy who loves to write and has no interest in people, especially dating. It all changed when Betty came into his life, and we saw him being the most vulnerable. The Cole version of Jughead doesn’t even know what a joke is, and that’s why he calls himself a ‘weirdo.’ Well, yes, you are!

Betty Was Just A Bubbly Girl-Next-Door!

Where both Betty-s might look the same from the surface, there is a lot more to her than what meets the eye in the TV series. She is still the same intelligent, cool, calm, beautiful, a good friend, bright, and yes - fallen deeply for her best friend, Archie. She is a cheerleader in Riverdale, but the Betty in comics was into more sports activities too apart from cheerleading. She is the friend that everybody needs in the bad times, a good listener, and a perfect person.

But the Betty in series has some dark secrets too. She has a mom who controls her in every life decision. Her family is portrayed as a wreck, which might be the major reason behind her dark side. The real reason behind the dark Betty is still unknown, and that’s why we can’t wait for the new season. Well, thanks to Jason for giving more to Betty!

Veronica Was A Classic Mean Girl!

Veronica was the perfect embodiment of a rude white girl who manipulates everyone for her good in the comics. She was in love with Archie in the comics, too, just like the series. But the Riverdale Veronica is a little kinder and sweeter than the comic book’s one. She is portrayed as the same rich girl whose father owns a fortune. The main thing that needs all of the attention is that Veronica from the series is Latina and Jason made her fit in the white girl character so gracefully. Also, her father is portrayed as a criminal in the series, which was not in the comic book.

Betty and Veronica Weren’t BFFs!

While you ship the womance of Betty and Veronica, let us tell you that it was not like this in the comic book. It was always Betty vs. Veronica, from dealing with Archie to their high-school life. They are depicted as BFFs in the series while fighting the whole time to win over Archie in the comic. As bizarre as this sounds, we are happy that Riverdale came. The series version of ‘Beronica’ is what we all wanted to see - how women got each other’s backs. 

Archie Was Not At All Hot!

The redhead heartthrob from Riverdale wasn’t anywhere close to it in the comic version. However, he is the same guy who wants to do good things for others but messes everything up in the series. Archie from Riverdale is an attractive guy with six-packs-abs and is often seen without a shirt. If it was for the nerdy comic Archie, there was no chance of him having that muscular built. 

Despite being a womanizer in the show, he is still loyal to Veronica and loves music, just like the goofy Archie. Also, the signature Archie-freckles were not present in the hot Archie. Wondering how he might look with them? Same!

So, on the scale of 1-10, how much are you surprised? This popular Tv series is not just ruling on the screens but also in the fashion world. And that’s why you might have come across many green snake-printed Halloween Black Leather Jackets for years - yes, it is the popular Serpents Jacket from Riverdale.

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