Four Things You Need To Avoid Before Going For Exams


Four Things You Need To Avoid Before Going For Exams

Remember the tips our grandparents used to give every time we left for exams? Things like eating a proper breakfast, waking up early for revision, or making sure you take at least more than one pen with you for the exam. The purpose of this was to help boost our performance.

However, we were always instructed about the things we had to do, and no one ever talked about the things, we should not do! They did not talk about the habits that can make us suffer during the exams or the things that can exhaust our brains while attempting questions.

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So, here are the four things which you should avoid before appearing for the exams:

  • Say no to Cram!

We know that cramming is the ultimate hack of every student for surviving through the rigorous exams. However, it is not always useful! An attempt to memorise a lot of information in a short period can literally exhaust your brain, and you will no longer recall anything at the time of the exam.

Imagine yourself sitting in the examination hall, trying really hard to memorise what you have crammed all night and you end up leaving the paper blank! This happens because excessive information can stop your brain from transferring information from short-term memory to long-term memory. So avoid cramming lectures, and learn the concepts thoroughly instead! This will stay longer in your brain.

  • Pulling an all-nighter!

Slurping up three or four cups of coffee, munching on crisps and pulling an all-nighter before the day of the exam is a terrible approach! As elders say, having a proper sleep before an exam can keep your brain functioning throughout the day. They said this right! Your brain needs time to consolidate what you have learned so far. So for that, you need to have a proper sleep. If you are relying on any technology that can make your brain work faster in exams, then you are looking in the wrong direction! You can take online assignment help for assignments, but you can't have any online help to perform better in exams. You have to do it in a natural way by rebooting your brain through sleep

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  • Refrain from taking orders from the foodie inside you

Yes, we all need fuel to keep our brain working, but eating unhealthy food before exams can land you in a lot of trouble. Who wants to take constant trips to the toilet during an exam after all. You cannot afford to fall sick at this crucial time after all your career depends on it! Thus, refrain from binge-eating before the exams and follow a proper healthy diet during exams to avoid unwanted troubles. Your McDonald's cravings can wait, but your exams won't!

  • Don't stress out!

We all know how important your exams are for you, and how eagerly you want to ace it at any cost. It's not a matter of life and death so chill out! Don't forget that a single piece of exam paper won't decide your fate! So keep calm and don't stress yourself. Believe that whatever you have learned is enough for you to pass the exam. If you feel like that you forget things, then don't panic, it's natural! First, you have to take a deep breath, or take a short break and listen to some soft music. This will make calm you down and help you retain more information.

All you have to do is to give your best effort, and you are surely going to ace it!

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