Evolution in the Era of Technology

Evolution in the Era of Technology
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When the word technology today strikes my mind, Artificial Intelligence is the one trend that comes to play. Our brain readily picturizes some big robots and other machines moving on our planet and destroying the world. Fortunately, the present scenario is considerably more positive and is luckily led by an optimistic approach. So, let’s explore how AI can be a benefactor to this planet and mankind. AI has influenced domains such as sales, marketing, finance, banking, agriculture, healthcare, gaming, and other various fields. We are going to discuss two recent trends of technology- Artificial Intelligence in our daily life and Blockchain in the pharmaceutical Industry.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a broad-ranging branch of computer science mainly dealing with building smart machines possessing the ability to perform various kinds of tasks that methodically require human intelligence. AI is an integrative science manifesting versatile approaches, but the speeding development in machine learning and deep learning are in pursuit of establishing a milestone in every sphere of the high-tech industries. These systems can decode the problems in a very different, tremendously quick, and in an expansive fashion. There is no better evidence than our mobile phones, a click, and an Uber standing right in front of our doorstep that is due to a location algorithm. Since this machinery is persistent in the improvement and has shown some exceptionally efficacious, robust, and functional results, its deployment rate has been rapidly increasing in various sectors. The dependency on cell phones has just increased by each passing day. There are many AI integrated smartphones in Amazon-like One plus 8 series 5G, Redmi note 9 pro, and many more which you can buy at a cheaper rate by applying Amazon India promo code.

Working of AI

To comprehend how Artificial Intelligence processes, one needs to dive into several domains and its application in the mainstream industry.

  • Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Neural Networks
  • Computer Vision
  • Cognitive Computing, these are some domains that help in the functioning of Artificial Intelligence.

Let’s talk about another prominent trend of technology- Blockchain; many Blockchain smartphones can provide additional security mainly through the built-in hardware. This can be said as a secure, offline safe for all the digital information on your phone. These phones can hold types of data and they provide the same according to the need of the case. It’s widely used to hold cryptocurrency private keys. There are many great smartphones that you can avail by using Tatacliq discount codes.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain can be defined as a software that comprises information in the form of blocks and the new block carrying the information will be formed by the reference of the previous block. This network of multiple blocks forms a chain therefore, justifying its name. This technology harbors and enables high-level security with transparency in supply chain management. Moreover, Blockchain is “essentially unhackable”. The data once registered can’t be altered. The malfunctioning in the Supply Chain Management system, unfortunately, manages to bag the top position, as one of the biggest and many challenges faced by the Medicare system all around the world. Jumbling up with the drugs has been observed when the drug swings between the distributors, providers which results in tampering, counterfeiting, and several other fraudulent activities. Eventually, it targets the patient or the potential consumer of that drug. This kind of adulteration in the medication procedure provided to a patient can affect them drastically. How Blockchain has proven itself as an innovative way of creating an effective supply chain management?

  1. Enhanced visibility: The use of the Blockchain system has increased visibility and this has led to a reduction in issues like drug shortages, counterfeits, and opioids. Now the retailers, regulators, and even the patients can know about the origin of the drugs from scratch to its manufacturing process. The manufacturer adds a QR code in the medicine. This data gets stored in MediLedger in the form of a mathematical equation, which ensures that the members of the supply chain are following the right compliance guidelines.
  2. Legal Compliance: From the production to the distribution of the drug, every action taken should follow the regulations under the Drug Supply Chain laws. Enforcement of laws requires lengthy paperwork and is time- consuming. In Blockchain, the information mentioned by the manufacturer makes it easy for the other stakeholders to keep track on the supply chain. When the information gets stored in the MediLedger Blockchain, it develops a hash ID which is utilized for tracking every step in the supply chain. 
Cold-chain shipping: Many medicines are temperature sensitive. During cross- border shipping, biologics in medicines vary, particularly heat-sensitive ones are vulnerable to contamination. By using this technology, drugs can be shipped through IoT- enabled vehicles having temperature sensors that allow cold chain shipping. It also allows the exchange and storage of data by these sensors on the Blockchain. These IoT- enabled vehicles to have the ability to send a real-time location to the Blockchain. Thereby, making it convenient for the stakeholders to calculate the approximate time of the delivery of the drugs. This approach is significantly transparent and is time-saving.

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