Best Scheduling Software For Construction Businesses 2020

Best Scheduling Software for Construction Businesses 2020

Construction scheduling software is an application that helps construction companies plan and organize their projects efficiently. These software tools help to ensure better utilization of resources, manage subcontractors, and take care of all stakeholders involved in each project. Different applications have different scopes of functioning, depending on the firm's size and the number of projects they handle simultaneously. 

Managing construction is no easy task and companies must juggle multiple projects simultaneously, which makes it even harder to keep track of workers, stakeholders, and resources. Budget maintenance, progress reporting, overseeing subcontractors, material and equipment monitoring, keeping up with constantly changing schedules and timelines, etc. is the typical job profile of a construction schedule software. 

With so many solutions out there, it becomes hard to choose one that perfectly fits your requirements. It is an important choice as your construction company is dependent on its functions and the responsibilities it handles on a day-to-day basis. If you choose the wrong software, you can effectively handicap your operations for a significant amount of time, due to the lack of organization and scheduling.

Hence, here is a list of construction scheduling software for you to look through. These are the software tools used by the top players in this field.


PlanStreet is one of the best construction scheduling software tools out there. This software helps companies stay on top of their tasks and project success to their competitors by staying in control. PlanStreet's Gantt chart helps schedule different projects on a timeline that is visible to all stakeholders. It can also help the company stay organized and monitor daily progress in an elucidated way. Dates of the due task and independent tasks can also be added to the Gantt chart to avoid blocking other team members and risking time delays.

PlanStreet also offers timesheets and daily timecards that help the company and the team when it comes to the execution and planning of construction projects. The software also helps finances in different ways by covering overall labor costs, forecasting overall tracking, and real-time expenses to ensure that the project gets completed within the budget.

PlanStreet's software boosts construction project management by scheduling all tasks related to the project with the help of the newest task management tool that they recently launched.

With this premium software, communication is also made easy. Conversations stay in one place and sharing construction documents, schematic design, and construction site pictures and videos within the team becomes much easier. In this way, the collaboration between team members and the company also becomes efficient, making the completion of work easier and faster, while increasing productivity at the same time.

PlanStreet makes sure your construction business never runs out of organization and resource management. If you want truly seamless management solutions for your business in construction, PlanStreet's construction scheduling software is the one for you. 


Smartsheet is a construction-work execution platform and collaboration tool which has a spreadsheet-like interface for its users. This software helps construction teams track and manage projects in real-time scenarios with features that include a wide range of project management tools. These tools include document and resource management, task management, file sharing, project reporting, and timeline tracking tools.

Smartsheet helps teams track their work and standardize a project process. In this way, teams can maximize their productivity and improve collaboration with automated workflow options that fit right into the individual work preferences of the workers. Smartsheet comes with project management tools like a Gantt chart and calendar view. With real-time dashboards, teams can use the Smartsheet software to manage resources and improve overall visibility.

There is also a feature that lets teams share project plan information with the leadership and key stakeholders to help keep all on the same page. The activity log reports and customized dashboards that get offered by this software help ensure that the team's collaboration is consistent across all projects that they have on their hands.


Buildertrend is a construction scheduling software and a construction management system for home builders, specialty contractors, general contractors, and home remodelers. It integrates all solutions, such as project management, financial management, project scheduling, customer management, and service management. Moreover, it provides the holistic integration of services in a single space to remove the scope of inefficiency and time delays.

Buildertrend is also a cloud-based platform, and hence, this system is available for access online, both with a mobile phone and a computer. It is available on iOS and Android, increasing its reach and compatibility across devices and operating systems.

Buildertrend comes with pre-sale tools that include a built-in customer relationship management system (CRM), project proposals, and more. Project management tools for Buildertrend include timesheet budgeting, scheduling, and more. Buildertrend provides each business with an account manager who provides training and supports teams to do their work efficiently. These project teams and construction professionals can access daily webinars, support chats, customized branding, and a 24/7 help section to address any questions, queries, and concerns.

This software is available to users on a monthly subscription basis. Customized pricing is also available according to individual business needs.


Procore is a construction management software that manages your projects, financials, and resources from the beginning till the end. This interactive and integrative platform connects every project contributor and stakeholder with the owner of the company. Its centralized dashboard allows managers to handle all project details, view progress, and schedule tasks productively.

The Procore application comes with an app marketplace with over 150 partner solutions that can merge efficiently with the core platform to give users immensely wide spaces to expand to and tools to use. It allows users to communicate seamlessly across multiple teams, making it that much easier to work together by eliminating buffers and establishing a single line of communication and source of information.

Procore gives your team unlimited access to anything that they need to get the job done on time. It is available to users based on monthly subscriptions, and its support and compatibility have been extensive, available for access via phone, email, knowledgebase, and other online measures.

Wrapping Up

Managing a construction project is a truly colossal task that has a lot of different priorities and moving variables. All of these variables require immediate attention in the right order to function properly. The ultimate goal of construction scheduling software is to deliver a completed and successful project on time, and within the budget, which maximizes profit. Your construction project has to have a lot of planning and managing, tracking, budgeting, and reporting throughout the project's duration to turn out well.

It is these construction scheduling software tools that can help you do that seamlessly and efficiently. We hope that our insights and analyses help you choose the best construction software for your business.

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