7 Law Firm Seo Expert Strategies For Lawyers Lead Generation


7 Law Firm Seo Expert Strategies For Lawyers Lead Generation

In today’s digital world, if people have any query, they straight away turn to search engines, especially Google. This was not the case some 10 to 15 years back. But now, you get your answer with just a click of a button, thanks to the internet and the search engines, especially Google.

Today, no business can think about surviving in this hugely competitive world, without having a digital marketing strategy. Law firm internet marketing is no different. If planned and implemented properly, law firm SEO expert strategies can open new avenues for new clients and bigger earnings.

The legal landscape has become highly competitive, and if you have to survive this cut-throat competition, a strong law firm SEO strategy is critical, not only to make online connections and networking but also to generate leads. Firms that are proficient in SEO are more likely to be successful than those which fail to utilize SEO. As search engine rankings are critical to the growth of a law firm, we will discuss the best SEO strategies for lead generation.

1. Schema

All websites have a particular set of Schema- a collection of data that sends signals to the search engines to let them understand the content and purpose of the website. In law firm SEO marketing, the Schema needs to be properly formatted and added to the HTML mark-up to create rich excerpts that are displayed below your website name on the search engine pages. It gives the searcher a brief idea of what information is contained on the website. Schema can also be formatted to incorporate star ratings from reviewers. Including structured data in your website’s Schema is very important.

2. Narrow Down the Sub Niche

Narrowing down the subtopics, along with keyword strategy, to go with more specific searches, also improves the SEO for law firms. It’s usually seen that people enter non-branded online legal searches, but they use descriptive keywords to find particular expertise they need.

So, you have to define the specific legal area your firm caters to, your area of expertise, the geographical market, and the kind of lawsuits you take up. You also need to do keyword research to understand what long-tail keywords your prospective clients are using in their search. To appear on the SERP, your website should contain all these keywords on the home page.

3. Building External Links

One of the best SEO strategies is to build links. Called Link Building, you have to convince related legal blogs to include links that would lead back the searcher to your site. Link signals, according to recent research, contribute 27% to the ranking signals used by Google to determine search results. Typically, backward links are created by providing relevant and engaging content as a guest blogger to external websites, which in turn include links redirected to your website.

4. Keywords

The choice of relevant keywords to be strategically placed on the home page is very important. Including purchase-related keywords, contact keywords, cost comparison, and pricing keywords and location-specific keywords are crucial. One main keyword should be there on each page. Keyword optimization is an important SEO strategy for lawyer lead generation.

5. Altering website structure

It is important to have an easy to use the site to improve search results. For that, you need to group content, navigation, and URL properly. A website needs to be designed based on the structure of your law firm. The real benefits of SEO for law firms can only be achieved if you alter the structure of your website to suit the needs of each of your services and locations to optimize the search.

6. Local Search Visibility

Research indicates that a law firm’s Google My Business page contributes around 9 percent to Google’s ranking signals, but in local searches, this contribution jumps to 25 percent. Reason being that GBM is designed to supply precise information on local factors, such as office address, contact information, office timings, etc. So, if a client is searching for a lawyer with particular expertise in a particular geographical area, Google utilizes the GBM to come up with the appropriate result. Register your law firm’s profile on as many review sites as possible to enhance visibility.

7. Social Media

Though social media does not have any direct bearing on a law firm's SEO, it does help in boosting traffic and generating leads. Your social media game plan should be a part your law firm SEO marketing as it complements other SEO strategies. Research has shown that quite a few networking sites play an important role in attorney search. You must leverage your social media presence to share relevant and informative content with links to your blog posts and website.


Implementing the above-mentioned law firm SEO expert strategies would help immensely in lead generation for lawyers. You can hire law firm SEO services to implement these strategies.

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