17 Best Money Making Apps of 2020 That Pay Real Money & Cash


17 Best Money Making Apps of 2020 That Pay Real Money & Cash

Do you know you can start making money at the comfort of your phone? These days everyone has a smartphone. It doesn't matter whether an iOS or Android platform is, you can make money through your mobile phone. This is possible if you install free money making apps on it. You do not need any upfront capital to begin earning.

Although these apps will not make you rich instantly, the little cash you make in a month can help you increase your savings, pay debts, fund vacation, which improves your finances. You earn through these apps once you complete simple tasks like paid surveys, cashback, and other side gigs. That means it doesn't have huge instant pay.

Are you an average mobile phone user and have a good time on it daily? It is prudent if you maximize your time and earn extra coins! If you have ever thought about generating cash to enhance your regular income, here is the list of money-making apps you need. 


This is the most popular money making the mobile app available today. It pays its members to answer short surveys, watch videos, play games, shop online, and more at your phone's comfort. It is free to join and takes a short time to set up your account. It makes it easy for the members to redeem their earnings through PayPal or redeem a gift card to retailers like Walmart. 

2.Survey Junkie

It is the best app for surveys. You can join this app as long as you are 13 years and live in Canada, the US, or Australia. It has over 10 million members that show it is legit. Its reward points can be redeemed either for gift cards or cash out via bank transfer or PayPal. 

3.Pinecone research

You can make good money by taking surveys, product tests, and indulging gin sweepstakes. For each survey, you will earn 3-5 dollars. There are several options to get paid. It is available in the US only. 


It is a cashback app and website which have paid over one billion to its several customers since its launch in 1999. It offers its members a whopping 10$ upon sign up. Begin shopping experience with this app to make money!

5.Sweat Coin

It is hard to have daily workouts. You can make it easy by getting yourself a Sweat Coin fitness app. It is a great app to motivate you. You get paid to keep fit. You can redeem your sweat coins to a certain amount. 

6. Make money, free cash App.

The make money app provides you with simple yet powerful ways to make online money. You need to watch videos, test free apps, surveys, and other services to get paid. Also, you can make money via endorsements and other free trials. Your payment is made through PayPal.

7.Crash karma

This is an awesome app that funds large retail online shops like Walmart, Amazon, and more. You can use it in topping up brand gift cards from the Crash Karma. You get paid for trying out new products, surveys, getting new deals, and unlocking achievement badges.


If you are a college student, This is the best way to earn through internships. The Frapp app is available for your Android and iOS users for India. It makes it easy for the student to get jobs that pay at their early stages. That means you will earn as you garner experience and exposure from the company. 


You earn through this app for using their lock screen. You need to sign up for this service to get a card that provides you with news every time your smartphone is unlocked. You can get promotions on your lock screen. To get your earning, you need to redeem the carats they give you as payment.


To begin using this app, sign up for an account, and upload your images. They must be clear to allow this app to rate it. The best-rated images will have better visibility, which you can sell through the app.


It is a great app that provides services to shorten the links. If you have a long URL, they will help you reduce it. It is a good way of making money online. If you monetize the shortened links, you make money from them via this app. 


It is a micro-task website that earns you bitcoins. You need to perform different tasks to earn from this site. These tasks include surveys, app installs, ad viewing, etc. you will be awarded for every task you do. You can then convert your bitcoins earning into hard cash.


Moocash app enables you to make money using either your phone or tablets. Users get awards by unlocking the screen of their phone by swiping to the left. The coins you earn can be redeemed via Google reward card or PayPal.


It would help if you had a smartphone to begin earning from scoop shots. The apps pay its users for uploading photos of the events taking place in a specific place. They can be used by journalists to compile their research. Take and upload amazing photos to this website, and you will have made a few bucks. 

15.Helo App

This is an Indian app with over 100 million users. It is among the fast-growing money making apps in 2020. It provides about 350 Rupees to the new users you refer to. You can get your payment through Paytm. 


This app enables its members to share products on social media and earn from reselling. It helps build a strong base for loyal customers in promoting your items.

17.Daily Rewards

It is a survey site that you can access from your phone. Members can earn from it by taking surveys, shopping online, watching videos, and playing games. It is available for the Canadian people. There is a similar site in American known as Inbox Dollars, believed to be its sister site. Both sites pay their users a 5$ sign-up bonus.


These are among many legit apps that can help you make money. The list provided is among some apps that are scam free apps. If you use them correctly, you will earn extra coin on top of your usual income.

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