WordPress 5.5 - Why It Is Breaking Websites?

WordPress 5.5 - Why It Is Breaking Websites?

As a web developer, you are well aware of the importance of WordPress. It is the world’s most famous CMS. Almost 30% of web developers are using this CMS to develop their websites. Recently, WordPress has launched its new version WordPress 5.5. The main aim behind this up-gradation is to improve the overall performance of the CMS. This update of WordPress has affected thousands of websites. In its new version, WordPress is not supporting jQuery migrate. This thing has affected almost 10,000 websites. The theme pagination handling process is also another factor that is creating these kinds of problems.

jQuery Migrate and WordPress 5.5:

In the WordPress 5.5 update, WordPress has ruled its JavaScript library. This JavaScript library is known as jQuery. After this update, thousands of web developers are claiming that their websites are broken. Most web developers don’t know why it is happening. They should understand that iQuery was acting as a bridge between the older codes in the previous versions of WordPress. Due to this bridge, these websites were properly functioning in WordPress. After this update, this bridge has broken and these websites are not functioning in WordPress. Most of the web developers are also claiming that they have not updated the new version of WordPress but they are still facing some problems. Anyhow, their old themes are still working. They should understand that if they are still using the old themes in the older versions of WordPress, they can face lots of problems. The most important features of WordPress like make forms, search bars, and drop-down menus will not work properly.

Why WordPress 5.5 is Breaking Websites?

As we have discussed earlier that most web developers are not understanding the reason behind this error. They should know that this error is occurring due to two reasons. First, this error is occurring because they are using old themes. Secondly, this error is occurring because they are using old plugins. Along with web developers, some publishers have also reported some problems. They have reported that they are facing problems while publishing the articles. Some publishers are also reporting that they are facing problems while uploading images. The publishers should also understand that they are facing these problems due to the use of older themes and plugins. If they replace these themes and plugins with the latest themes and plugins, they will not face this problem.

How to Fix jQuery Migrate Bug?

Research by a dissertation help firm shows that most web developers are facing security risks due to older plugins. You should not continue with the same plugin. You should either update this plugin or you should replace this plugin with a new one. For this reason, you should check the status of your plugin. If your plugin was updated a year ago, it means that it can create security risks for your website. You should look for another plugin that has up-to-date features. With the assistance of web developers, WordPress has released a new plugin. This plugin can restore the jQuery migrate JavaScript library. You can also use this plugin to restore the full function of a website. You should install this plugin under specific circumstances. First, you are experiencing the problem of a lack of functionality issues. Secondly, your Chrome developer is showing JavaScript issues. Thirdly, you are using an older theme or plugin. This essential plugin is available with the name ‘Enable jQuery Migrate Helper’. It is recently uploaded and the downloads of this plugin are more than 20,000. This plugin has reached these numbers because lots of developers are facing functionality issues. Due to these issues, they are trying to find the best solutions to these problems.

WordPress 5.5 is Creating Pagination Bug:

When you update the older version of WordPress to WordPress 5.5, you can face the problem of pagination bug. This kind of problem is affecting the category section websites. In the category section websites, it is affecting the navigational structure of a website. As a result, viewers can’t find the web pages deep in the websites. Most of the publishers have reported the same problems. They have asked that they want to update their CMS to WordPress 5.5 but their websites are broken due to the pagination bug.

Steps To Fix WordPress 5.5 Breaking Sites:

The above discussion is showing that developers are facing lots of issues due to WordPress 5.5. They want to solve these issues. Here, we will discuss simple steps to fix these issues. These steps are explained below;

1.         First of all, the web developers will have to install the jQuery Migrate Helper plugin. This plugin will provide you with complete information about the plugins that are misbehaving on your website. After downloading and installing this plugin, you will see problems at the front end of your website.

2.         You should find out all the warnings that are appearing in your WP admin area. These warnings will be shown in the form of errors. These errors will provide you with an idea of which plugin is causing the problem on your website.

3.         To find the additional errors, you can also use the browser console. These kinds of errors will also provide you with an idea of which plugins have broken your website.

4.         After seeing these errors about the plugins and themes, you should update all of these plugins and themes. It means that you should make that you are using the latest versions of all the themes and plugins.

5.         If an update is not available but still you are facing problems, you should contact the developer of this theme or plugin. After contact with him, you should request him to update the code.

Why WordPress 5.5 is a Large Success For Web Developers?

No doubt, most web developers are facing problems due to the WordPress 5.5 plugin. They should understand that it is a great success of web developers. The WordPress team has provided the best user experience to its users. Some issues have affected thousands of websites. When you see these problems, you will know that these problems are easy to fix. After fixing these problems, you will enjoy the best experience of this CMS. 

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