What Is The Relationship Of Alcohol Consumption & Erectile Dysfunction In Men?


Erectile dysfunction is a sexual dysfunction that has a direct impact on a man's sexual activities. This condition restricts him from making love to his partner successfully due to a lack of erections or due to weaker erections. This condition can be of different severity and can affect men of all ages, though it has been observed that older men are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction than younger ones. 


But due to the rise in destructive habits such as overeating, smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol, more and more young people are becoming susceptible to erectile dysfunction.


Out of this excessive alcoholism is something that people often neglect when it comes to taking preventive measures to save yourself from erectile dysfunction.


Let's have a proper look at the correlation between excessive consumption of alcohol and the rising number of erectile dysfunction cases in younger as well as older men.


Drinking alcohol has become a part of our life, especially in colder countries, it is one way to keep the body warm and functioning. Many people find that they are much more confident and comfortable in approaching their partner or attracting a partner. Thus, many people use alcohol to boost their confidence and score it with their partners.


In moderation, it causes no harm to your body, men can have about 2 standard-sized drinks at most if they must but anything more than that is going to cause various times of problems in your body which includes dampening your libido, making it difficult to have erections, making you orgasm too quickly or rob you of an orgasm completely. It has also been observed that men who are addicted to alcohol have low sperm motility. 


Thus, we can infer that excessive alcoholism is quite doom for a healthy sexual life. 


But the side-effects of alcohol on your sexual health do not end here, excessive alcoholism brings much more bad news for you.


Excessive alcoholism leads to temporarily erectile dysfunction and if it is left untreated, it may become a permanent problem for you. Giving up drinking alcohol is the best solution for this problem, and the next best one is to limit your alcohol consumption. You might be offered oral medications such as Vidalista for your treatment by your doctor for the treatment of your condition along with the encouragement and resources to battle alcohol addiction.


How Does Drinking Excessive Alcohol Lead to Erectile dysfunction and other Sexual Problems?


Alcohol consumption has now often become a part of social culture in many countries and incidentally, many studies state that the use of a moderate amount of alcohol is good for promoting blood circulation in your body, especially when the climate is extremely cold.


But when people drink it in excess, it acts as a depressant and thus leads to various problems health problems including sexual dysfunctions.


Men who are addicted to alcohol often have a hard time maintaining a happy and satisfactory relationship with their partner leading to constant conflicts and stress in the relationship or the marriage.


When couples are constantly fighting, making love is often the last thing on their mind, which reduces their sexual attraction between them. When a man does not feel attracted to his partner it is impossible to have erections because, for the onset of erections, a man has to be sexually aroused in one way or the other. Even medications such as Cenforce will also only work if there is prior sexual arousal in the man. Such cases of erectile dysfunction may also need a couple of therapies and counseling apart from medications.


Excessive alcohol consumption also has a dampening effect on your brain; thus, you might not feel the impact of the physical contact that you may be having with your partner, thus making you unable to be adequately aroused. If you are adequately aroused, your erections may be weaker, which may lead to an unsatisfactory lovemaking act which will leave your partner feeling unsatisfied.


Apart from erectile dysfunction, you may have to deal with low sperm production, low sperm motility, and premature ejaculation due to excessive alcoholism, so if your aim is to please your partner in bed or make a baby with her, you might want to skip the consumption of consumption or keep it to the bare minimum.


Excessive alcoholism is also associated with poor decision-making skills which can cause a lot many problems in your life. Talking about your sexual life, most of the men who have unprotected sex or cheat their partner do it under the influence of excessive alcohol. This could ruin your relationships and even make you more susceptible to contracting sexually transmitted diseases.


Various other things can also cause erectile dysfunction in combination with excessive alcohol consumption, such as smoking, excessive weight gain, and sedentary lifestyles. Relationship problems and poor stress management coupled with excessive consumption of alcohol does not go with for a man's sexual health at all.


How to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction and other Sexual Dysfunction that May Occur due to Excessive Consumption of Alcohol?


Despite being aware of the various ways the use of alcohol degrades our bodies, it is quite difficult to give up drinking it completely thus we suggest that you only drink it when you cannot avoid it at all.


Even when you drink, make sure that you don't drink too much, especially if you intend to share a nice lovemaking session with your partner afterward.


If you are suffering from alcohol addiction, it is best to seek professional help or get enrolled in a group program if you wish to free yourself from the addiction as withdrawal symptoms at times may require medical help at times.


If you want to give up alcohol consumption, we suggest you don't go cold turkey abruptly and give it up completely without proper thought as such situations often lead to a relapse and even make you drink more. We suggest that if you are a daily drinker, you switch to drinking 2-3 times a week, gradually bring it down to 2-3 times a month and then reaching a stage where you are comfortable with, without compromising your health.


Giving up alcohol and even reducing your alcohol consumption can take a lot of patience and time and you might even meet a few setbacks at times. Going at it consistently and having realistic expectations along with having a support system to motivate you will help you will prevent you from drinking an excessive amount of alcohol and saving you from erectile dysfunction caused by it.

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