What Is The Best Way To Choose A Right Jeweller For You


Once you have completed everything to buy a piece of jewelry - of budget, shape, size, etc., the next step is to choose the right jeweler. Buying a piece of jewelry is not the same as buying a new dress, as jewelry is very expensive and you want to take all the great steps to pay for the value of the jewelry.

Before you decide on jewelry, you need to find out what services they will offer for the rest of the jewelry's life. Common questions that may come to your mind are: Will I get general maintenance and routine cleaning, or what is the cost? What if I need some kind of repair service in a year - is there a warranty? What if you plan to reset diamonds into other jewelry or any different shapes years later?

Most jewelers will respond to your needs, and some may even send your jewelry to repair or other places. It is advisable to talk to the jeweler about the services provided during the life of the jewelry and whether any work is done or shipped within the premises itself. As it is an expensive item, you want to do all the work Infront of you just like - downsize, make small corrections or convert into another piece of jewelry.

In general the offer of the jewellers includes the following services:

  • Annual polishing and plating
  • Annual inspection
  • A free resize or could be paid within a certain term
  • Discounted repairs on purchased jewelry

Furthermore, these services vary from jeweler to jeweler, so you will need confirmation in advance. A jeweler should be open to honest discussions with you about your purchase and provide all related documents for your purchase.

You don't need to have all the answers or questions at the jeweler, as a quality jeweler will be capable to solve all your questions and more. Here, we've put together quick tips to keep in mind before you decide on a jewelry.

  • Word of mouth is always king. An industry driven mainly by relationships such as jewelry is the recommendation of a trusted friend or family member, which you are always looking for in the first step.
  • Ask your grandmother, your neighbor, your work colleague or close and trusting friends for recommendations.
  • In the digital age - use social media to gain insights from your network or get information from the jeweler's site and reviews
  • Check out the short-listed jewelry prices online from various websites, which will help you even negotiate the prices
  • Ask them if they have an in-house gemologist.
  • Do not hesitate to ask for any services they will offer after the purchase
  • Don't forget to get a copy of your warranty and return policy and invoice copy

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