Tips To Keep Your Custom Hoodies As Good As New

Tips To Keep Your Custom Hoodies As Good As New

With time, ‘Hoodies’ has emerged as one of the best apparel ones could ask for. They are cool, stylish, attractive, appealing and the best part is that they are also super comfortable. You can don a hoodie not only for a casual outing but also for a formal meeting - it blends well with all occasions. Especially custom printed hoodies - they go hand in hand with almost every color of jeans and are, by far,  one of the most versatile garments in the world.

Another best aspect of custom printed hoodies is that they require very low maintenance. Maintaining them neither takes much of your time nor does it heavily affect your pocket. Hoodies can both be dry-cleaned as well as washed in a washing machine - whatever suits you the best. Cotton hoodies are preferred to be gently washed at home with the aid of a mild detergent. However, some hoodies that are made of fleece material demand high maintenance and are, therefore, dry cleaned only. Owing to the aforementioned, most of the custom clothing in India is formulated out of cotton material.

In a fast-paced world (such as ours), we don't have much time to look after our belongings. But don’t fret, for hoodies don’t just understand your problem but also tend to solve it! A hoodie can be worn up to 4-5 times before it requires a wash. Just hang your hoodie in your closet after you wear it and, lo and behold, it’s good as new for the next day too. Also, most of the custom clothing companies in India deliver hoodies after running them through a bio-wash. Do remember to dry clean your hoodies if they are not bio-washed as it makes the forming fiber more durable and adds to your hoodie’s strength.

Tips To Make Your Custom Hoodies Long-Lasting:

Considering how great your hoodie is, it is highly desired to show it some love. You definitely want to retain the comforting softness and vibrant colors of your hoodie, right? Here are some simple tips that you can implement in your daily life, to make your custom printed hoodies last long:

       Don't wash your hoodies daily. Just don’t, for hoodies don't require to be washed daily. Yes, you can definitely give them a wash, after wearing them 4-5 times. Wear a hoodie, hang it in your closet, and it will be good enough to be donned the very next day too. Washing hoodies repeatedly shall make bobbles appear on its surface - and that’s not enticing. To keep your hoodie soft and replete with its original color, do remember to not wash it daily.

       Always consider the washing instructions written on your custom printed hoodie. If there exists any special precaution required to clean your hoodie, then do pay heed to it. Otherwise, you are always at the liberty to gently wash it in a washing machine, using a mild detergent. Take special care to neither over-wash nor over-dry your hoodie in the spin-tub of the washing machine.

       Avoid using bleach on your hoodie, as it’s harsh on its soft fabric. Remember, to make your hoodie last long, never add bleach while washing your custom printed hoodie.

       If you can spare some time and dry your hoodie out, then it yields great outcomes! Drying your custom printed hoodie in the spin-tub of the washing machine can deteriorate its overall quality. Adhering to the mentioned precaution can save your custom printed hoodie from untimely wear.

       Paying due importance to the method of washing your custom printed hoodie plays a pivotal role in increasing its longevity:

     Use cold water for cleaning your hoodies, to keep the fabric as fresh as new.

     Try to wash it separately. Do not mingle it with other clothes so that its color doesn't fade away.

     Turn it inside out before putting it in the washing machine so that thorough washing doesn't affect the printed part.

     Keep the hoodie zipped up while washing.

     Never overstuff the washtub of your washing machine. Make some space for your hoodies so that they have enough room for movement while being cleaned.

       Make sure that you don't let your hoodie dry in the sun for more than the required amount of time. The strong UV rays can affect your custom printed hoodie in the worst manner possible. They intend to not only ruin the color but also bereft your hoodies of their softness.

       Adding a little bit of vinegar to a gentle detergent can work wonders for your custom printed hoodie. Vinegar acts as a natural fabric conditioner that ensures that the dark colors of your hoodie do not bleed, thereby keeping the colors intact. If you are worried about the foul smell that vinegar relays, then sit back and relax for it’s destined to disappear during the rinse.

Your favorite piece of clothing deserves immense care. Follow the aforementioned tips and enable your custom hoodies to last long. A wee bit of care and precautions is all that your swaggy hoodie requires!

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