Simple Home Exercises To Stay Healthy & Fit

Simple Home Exercises to Stay Healthy & Fit

Doing simple exercises at home that do not require special equipment is a convenient and affordable way to lose weight. Today we offer you a set of such exercises.

All exercises are selected so that they can be performed at any age: the risk to joints, spine, and cardiovascular system is minimized. The main thing is not to rush, do everything slowly, without jerking. The exercises are best done with weights - dumbbells or large plastic bottles filled with water or sand. Weight will have to be found empirically. Start at 0.5-1 kg and work up to 2-3 kg over a few weeks. The rule of weight selection is this: the first repetition may even be easy for you, but the last two should be given with considerable effort.

For weight loss, the complex must be performed at least 3-4 times a week, but it can be done every day. The first time you have to force yourself. With the help of special tests, it was determined when a habit could be considered acquired, that is, its implementation no longer required special efforts and did not cause internal protest. It took the most time to get used to running the volunteers got used to fruit for dinner and healthy drinks faster. So, be patient for two months, and then you will not only lose weight but also exercise with pleasure!

Standing Rise

Target area: shoulders, chest, abdomen, legs.

Stand straight, feet shoulder-width aside, arms with dumbbells down. The shoulders are extended, the stomach is pulled in, and the back is straight. As you inhale, raise your arms through the sides up above your head, while lifting on your toes. Stretch upward as much as possible, as you exhale, lower your entire foot, lowering your arms.

20-25 reps.

Raising Squats

Target area: hips, glutes, waist, shoulders, chest.

Stand up as in the previous exercise. Squat while lifting the dumbbells forward to the horizontal. Do not slouch, maintain balance, and make sure that the knee does not protrude forward over the toe. Do not squat too low; your hips should be horizontal or above the knee. Make sure you use shin splint wraps for avoiding any injuries or anything else.

15-20 reps.


Bends target area: waist, hips, abdomen, and shoulders.

Put your feet together, and pull in your stomach. Bend to the sides alternately, while lowering one hand (the one towards which the tilt is made) along the thigh as low as possible. In addition, bend the other and pull it to the armpit.

20 reps in each direction.

Steps Forward

Target area: hips, buttocks, arms, waist.

Stand up as in the first exercise. Take a wide step forward onto the heel, transferring your weight to the front leg, slightly bending the back, and lifting it to the toe. At the same time, bend one arm at the elbow, turning your palms forward and lifting the dumbbells to your chest. Return to starting position and repeat on the other leg, bending the other arm.

15 reps per leg/arm.


Curl target area: hips, buttocks.

Lying on your stomach, put your head on your hands, legs straight. Lift one leg to tear the knee off the floor (if it didn't work right away, it doesn't matter, it will work out over time). Bend your knee, trying to keep your hip motionless. After doing the prescribed number of times, change your leg.

50 reps per leg.

Dumbbell Pelvis Raise

Target Area: Hips, Buttocks, Waist

Lying on your back, curve your legs, feet on the floor. Squeeze the dumbbell with your knees (if heavy, use a small ball or empty bottle). Tighten the muscles in your buttocks, thighs, and abdomen to lift your pelvis off the floor as far as you can. Direct it straight up without swinging or jerking.

20 reps.

Dumbbell Leg Raise

Target Area: Hips, Abdomen

Take the starting position, as for the previous exercise, with a dumbbell (ball, empty bottle) sandwiched between your feet. Stretch out your arms, put them on the floor, and you can rest your palms. Without lifting your lower back and shoulder blades off the floor, pull your knees up to your chest. In this case, the angle in the knee joint is maintained, that is, the feet with a clamped dumbbell rise.

15 reps.

Crossing The Legs

Target area: abdomen, thighs

Lying on your back, raise your straight arms straight up. Stretch your socks, tighten your legs. Spread them as far as possible to the sides (you can belay with your hands under the hips), then bring them together, crossing over you.

40 reps.

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