How To Write From Home While Managing Your Kids

write from home while managing your kids


Writing from home is not an easy task, especially if you have children. The global COVID 19 pandemics have forced many people to work from their homes to prevent contracting the virus. However, there exists the biggest obstacle at their home in the name of kids. Many families are now enjoying being together. Coming up with an effective plan involving your kids, and you need to keep in mind that everything will not go smoothly as you will wish.

In this article, we will discuss how you will manage to write your work while with kids at home.

Writing With Your Kids At Home

Communicate Your Expectations

You are not going to encounter the same experience as when you are in your office. Working from the office makes the work easier as your colleagues and bosses assist you. Productivity reduces as a result of working from home with your kids. Put a target of writing only one piece and ensure you achieve it on.

You should ensure the people you are writing understand that you have kids at home. Ensure that all the conversations with the employers are not interrupted by the noise of children. Always give a person a heads up at the beginning when communicating with them via a call so that when children start making noise, it won't surprise anyone.

Examine Your Resources For Help With Childcare

Are there people who can assist you with your kids in the area? They may be neighbors, friends, family, grandparents, etc. They consider some of your friends, babysitters, grandparents, siblings, or neighbors who can help you with the children. These people may play with the kids hence creating a peaceful environment for your witting. They will dance, sing, read, talk, and do a lot of activities with the children.

Plan Activities Which Don't Require Supervision

Different age groups will need various activities to make them busy and make you write effectively. The following are activities arranged according to the age group of students;


·         Naps, swings, bouncy chairs

·         Baby shows, for example, baby Einstein

·         Listening to musical songs

Elementary toddlers

·         Intriguing shows they are interested

·         Games

Older kids

·         Reading interesting stories

·         Writing intriguing essays

·         Educational shows that must have a positive impact on them

·         School platforms

·         Activities that will keep them busy online socializing with their friends.

Your Schedule Should Be Your Main Priority.

Ensure that your writing is not interrupted by scheduling the kids' interesting and engaging activities when writing. If you are married, then there is a high chance you are at home with your partner and sometimes you may be having work at the same time.

You may decide on a shift, for example, you work for six uninterrupted hours while your partner looks for children, and then you switch. When the kids sleep, you both can now work on your work simultaneously. However, if you do not partner, make sure your kid and the employer know your expectations. The employer will offer you the flexibility to attend to the needs of kids. Ensure you are proactive in enabling to let your colleague know what they should expect from you.

Set Boundaries

You will need to tell your children the importance of what you are writing to form a boundary. Call for a family meeting and inform children that you have important stuff that needs to be worked on. Explain to them if the door of the working room is closed, they are supposed to seek permission to enter into them.

However, do make them feel like you are going to ignore them the whole time. Promise them that after finishing whatever you are doing, you will always return to them when you finish what you are doing.

Award Good Behaviors

You need to offer gifts to the children when they behave well. After discussing with your kids the importance of what you are doing and why they should not interrupt you, give them activities such as coloring shapes that you will check later after finishing your work. Give them activities that are non-violent to prevent them from getting bad behaviors.

Make them understand that when left alone, you will do great work compared to when they keep on disturbing you. If they adhere to the instructions and not bother you, make sure you reward them. Praise them, give them gifts, and thank them. After finishing your work, read an interesting book or article to them, or give them your phone to play video games.

Take Breaks

You need to find creative ways of making the kid engaged, especially if they do not have the assignment to do. Set aside time that you will be on a break to spend some time with the children. For example, if the work will take you six hours to complete, take a 10-minute break every hour to spend with the children.

Break Out The Box

Creating boxes filled with activities that children will do is an important aspect of ensuring that they will not disturb you while doing the work. They may be art projects, family trees, or any other project that suits their age and require less help.

Have A Plan B

The children may get bored with doing the same thing for a very long time, let us say plying with the boxes, and have other activities that you will introduce them to. It will help them have many activities to do this get engaged and allow you to do your task

Stress Less

You may be harsh and want your children not to spend a lot of time on their phones, but while doing your work at home, allow them extra time with the gadgets. However, you need to explain to them that the situation will not last forever. After finishing your work, switch off the phones and allow them back to analog entertainment.

Look For Experts

If you are writing a book, you may not manage to write the entire book, edit, proofread and design the cover while with the kids at home. You need to look for professionals to do some tasks for you so that you spend some time with the kid. For example, after writing the novel and need an excellent book cover, you will contact some of the best book cover designers. One great company that will provide you with incredible Premade book covers and Custom book cover designs is Creative Paramita. If you want an excellent book cover, then Creative Paramita is the best place to be.


Writing your work at home is not an easy task. However, the global pandemic has seen most people work from home to prevent contradicting this virus. Working at home is not easy due to the presence of children who may disturb your work. We have vividly discussed what you need to do to write effectively if you have kids in your home. 

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