Geese Removal Problem: Issue Finally Solved

Geese Removal Problem

Out of the various varieties of birds out there, Canadian Geese are the ones the people especially don’t like. These lovely-looking birds can hypnotize anyone with their charming look but the nuisance that they create is beyond the tolerance limit of people.

These birds have the habit of destroying the landscape areas, gardens, and lawns with their dropping which is very painful to clear. The problem is that even if you scare these birds away, they will return to your place again and will repeat the same sequence.

All because of this notorious character of these birds they have been grouped in the category of pests.

What adds more to the pain of a person facing their nuisance is that these birds have been protected by law. No person can use lethal methods for geese control. If anyone caught using any method that hurts these birds will be booked under law.

Cleaning the dropping is very painful and hazardous to health also. This dropping is found to contain E. coli, Salmonella, Cryptosporidium, or Campylobacter germs can cause major health problems to anyone.

One other issue that has compelled people to avail geese removal service from an expert professional is that at though these birds are always calm incidents have been recorded when these birds have attacked little kids and pets seeking danger.

To counter these problems geese management becomes compulsory, as you can't use poison, pallet guns, and firearms.

Professionals have left no stone unturned to scare these birds away. Various methods like scarecrows, flags, noisemakers, popguns, noisemakers, sound machines, balloons, fencing, mylar tapes were used but nothing turned out to be a permanent solution. The birds returned after some time and created the same nuisance again.

The professionals know that the only permanent solution to this problem is to scare these birds permanently from your privacy laws, garden, or landscape area.

An absolute non-traditional method of wild geese removal was devised which involved the use of herding dogs. This method turned out to be a permanent solution.

The herding dogs used in this method are specially reared in England and Scotland and are known by the name of Border Collies. They resemble somewhat like wolves and scare the geese away permanently.

This process of Canada's goose control requires multiple sessions. The idea is to implant fear permanently in the minds of geese that the place is not safe for them and they should look for some other place.

This method has proved to be the best solution to this problem and the best part is that this method complies with the law as it is non-fatal to these birds.

If you are facing a geese problem then don’t waste time and money trying different kinds of stuff. This method will help you get rid of this headache permanently.

What the future process is going to be is not known, but at present, there is no better solution to this for getting rid of these notorious geese.

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