Colonoscopy During The Pandemic

Colonoscopy During The Pandemic

A pandemic is the rarest of the rare events that a person experiences in their lifetime. All the individuals living in 2020 have experienced how a pandemic can bring life to a standstill. While almost all of us have been feeling anxious about coronavirus, one thing that has to be acknowledged is that most of us have now started giving due attention to our health and fitness. From developing healthy eating habits to focusing on immunity-boosting foods everything is being taken care of these days. Undoubtedly the reason behind this is the fear of coronavirus, but the effect of these habits would definitely be long-lasting and positive.

Being terrified of coronavirus is obvious, since it has been affecting so many lives directly or indirectly but there are many other diseases that are way more painful and devastating than coronavirus which can be cancer, heart diseases, etc. These diseases if not detected on time can lead to the death of the sufferer.

Now when we talk about the detection of such fatal diseases it is not necessary that we will observe some specific symptoms as an indication of these diseases. It has been noticed that many times people are not facing any kind of difficulty in their life but when proper tests are done, they are suffering from some serious illnesses. Also, if regular checkups are not done then it can be impossible to cure diseases like cancer.

In this post, our focus will remain on spreading awareness about Colonoscopy. Colonoscopy, as we all know, is a test conducted to examine the healthiness of our gut. The main focus of colonoscopy is the detection of issues in the intestine of a person. With so much advancement in technology, it is now possible to get a clear view of the colon tract which can help in locating ulcers in the colon wall. Just like it may sound, this process needs proper attention and expertise for successful execution. The person who has knowledge about the issues and treatments of gut health is called a gastroenterologist.

Colonoscopy Santa Monica ca is conducted by one of the most experienced doctors, Dr. Berookim. Not only has he treated a number of patients but also has the most advanced technology to conduct colonoscopy. His experience and updated machines assist in providing accurate reports about gut health.

The main aim of conducting a colonoscopy is to identify whether cancer cells are present in the colon. Colon Cancer is one of the most serious diseases faced by people in today’s world. A few reasons that support this statement are:

       Unhealthy lifestyles.

       No significant symptoms to identify the presence of colon cancer.

       Tough to cure.

       Detection at a later stage can be fatal.

Colon Cancer without any doubt is a serious illness but awareness about it can lead to prevention from the same. This deadly disease can be prevented by some very easy actions, that being:

       Healthy eating habits.

       Regular exercise.

       Full body checkups at least twice a year.

       Detoxification of the body.

       Appropriate water intake.

These steps should become a part of life. It is not a very tedious task to incorporate these activities into your lifestyle. Also not only do these actions prevent colon cancer but can also provide protection from various other diseases. So clearly there is no harm in adopting a healthy lifestyle. It is a win-win situation.

Talking about getting a colonoscopy done in Santa Monica ca during the times of Covid-19, you should not be worried. Proper sanitization is done before each and every patient is attended. Appointment schedules are in place to maintain social distances. So, there is no reason to compromise your health and well-being. If you are facing any kind of problem just schedule an appointment and get expert advice on time. Timely detection is helpful not only in proper treatment but also in reducing the time of curing a disease.

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