9 Relatable Things Every Pakistani Has At Home!

9 Relatable Things Every Pakistani Has at Home!

Being a Pakistani, you can never regret it as our nation is on the top to find out shortcuts of every problem, whether it’s about kitchen hack, house safety shortcut, or something else. We make our own ease and leave our mark while doing it. If you’re a true Pakistani or pure desi from the heart core, then we can bet you must at least have all these things in your house or found them at least once in a lifetime! Even a few days back, there is a survey in memes group on social media where we all nation find out that every house has a baby aunty name of an old lady. Pakistani are the smart nations that find solutions to their every problem. In this blog, here are all the things you can find in every desi Pakistani household!

Cookware in the oven

You are not a true Pakistani if you have a stove plus oven, and your oven is cover with the full cookware utensils and pots items, rather than bakery essentials.

Cookie Box Magic

In abroad, when someone offers a cookie in the cookie box so without any doubt, you will accept the offer because you know that in this box biscuit will be present. But if you are Pakistani, so be prepared to get sewing essential in the cookie box.

Storage of Plastic Bag

Hard to find plastic at the time of finding so, we desi people stored all plastic bags within a big sized plastic bag, this is the pure Pakistani version of Inception.


Old T-shirt as Mop

You are not a true Pakistani if you don’t have an old faded t-shirt as a mop and duster at home for house chores.

Sofa Curiosity

The basic Pakistani ethic is to cover your new sofa with white cheddar and don’t remove plastic covers from the sofas after a decade. Only unwrap it when eid is about to commence, or your “rishtay walay log” is here.

Yummilicious Ice cream

Have you ever experienced leftovers in ice-cream boxes? See the below picture. Congratulations! You got trapped. This is why the younger generation of Pakistan has trust issues.

Tv Remote

Even the TV remote control has to follow this rule to stay in tight plastic throughout the year!


Reuse Plastic Cold Drink Bottles

Many water bottles you may buy from the market but reusing empty cold drink bottles have their unique demands at home.


Suitcase Below The Bed/ Suitcase Above The Cupboard

Last but not least, finding suitcases covered in a shiny blanket on top of cupboards in your parents’ rooms! Or if you don’t see it above the cupboard so just turn your head down and find a suitcase below the bed.


No matter what others think about us, how silly these might appear to them is what makes us pure desi at our beloved homeland and makes us proud of being Pakistanis!

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