6 Common Types of Heavy Equipment

6 Common Types of Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment or Construction Machinery Equipment is used to describe the heavy-duty machines used for various purposes in large projects construction, forestry, agriculture, and mining industries. Construction Machinery equipment makes the process easier and faster. These machines are commonly used to move earth land and other large materials. Heavy Machinery in Karachi and other parts of Pakistan, used for commercial and residential projects.


Backhoe is a widely used machinery equipment that is suitable for multiple purposes work in construction. The name itself tells that the loading bucket is provided in the front while the hoe arrangement is provided on the vehicle's backside. This is well useful for excavating a long hole and dig below the machine level and using the front bucket part for loading, unloading, and lifting of materials can be done.


Excavators are potentially used and the most famous pieces of heavy equipment in the construction industry. It is consisting of a boom, dipper, bucket, and cab on a 360-rotating platform. It comes with a boom arm that does the excavating work, which is connected to the cab. They are capable of completing almost any excavation job; that's why it is also famous for the earthmoving vehicle. Excavators are used in all projects, from small backyard dig-outs to significant mining projects. They are also capable of completing a range of other work and tasks. However, merely changing the attachment to a grab, rock breaker, ripper, or auger attachment, some of the more common attachments, the capabilities of an excavator.


Bulldozers are another type of soil digging machinery used to remove the topsoil layer to a particular depth. Bulldozers are widely used to remove weak soil or rock strata, lift ground soil, etc. The removal of upper dirt soil is done by the sharp-edged wide metal plate which is present at its front can be lowered and raised using hydraulic pistons.


Graders are task-specific heavy equipment and much like bulldozers. Graders are with the grading blade placed between the front articulating wheels and the cab and back wheels, making this machine an unusual look. They are also found on projects from road construction to mining, while they are always used in road construction, graders are also used to level and clear ground on infrastructure projects, housing estates, and most large-scale jobs. Graders are designed to level the land of a project; this is an essential role in road construction, as the ground needs to be perfectly level straight for the road to be built properly.

Dumper Trucks

A dumper truck is used for moving construction materials from one place to another. It is characterized by its open-box bed, which is found at the back of the truck and is equipped with hydraulic arms that lift the front of the bed to move and dumping sand, rocks, or demolition waste.


Front-loaders are used on construction projects as material transporters. Front-loaders are heavy equipment on mining and quarry operations where materials need to be transported regularly during construction. Their wheels make for fast and easy maneuverability on-site area, and their large size front bucket allows them to carry more materials than most other heavy equipment.

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