4 Expert Digital PR & SEO Tips For Your Branding Campaign

4 Expert Digital PR & SEO Tips For Your Branding Campaign

Long gone are the days of television marketing and printed ads in magazines or newspapers.

It’s all about having a digital or web presence that people can easily find online.

Because there are now so many ways to market your brand online, it is crucial that you understand what works best for your brand. Some companies find PPC and Social Media advertising very effective, while for others influencer marketing and SEO do wonders.

So, check out the below SEO and digital PR expert tips brought to you by the digital marketing agency ClickDo Ltd.  

1.          Build A User-Friendly Branded Website

Having an online storefront is inevitable in this digital age. A website is a must for all businesses that want to attract customers online.

To compete with e-commerce giants like Amazon, you must offer your target consumers a smooth and satisfying user experience and the website design should highlight your brand, products, or services and what you stand for. Make sure that website visitors can easily navigate across all your pages and that it loads quickly.

To rank your website well on search engines, the loading speed matters significantly. Google released a Core Web Vitals update where it considers the speed of the website as a ranking factor. Since the pandemic many more e-commerce customers buy their products and services online through their smartphones, tablets, or desktops.  

It’s therefore very important to optimize your website for both desktop and mobile to boost the user experience, and you should also use solid business web hosting for the fastest loading speeds and uptimes, which you can find at affordable rates with SeekaHost Ltd.

2.          Keyword Ranking & Link Building

Keywords and link building are critical factors in getting a website ranked on search engines. Start identifying keywords for your brand that are most suitable while at the same time not hard to rank for. You can do this by using SEO tools like Ahrefs for example. Include these keywords in your website content and build links for the most crucial keywords.

For link building, you must ensure that your website is mentioned in relevant online publications with your target keywords as anchor texts. This requires SEO knowledge and strategy and often it is advisable to consult marketing agencies like ClickDo Ltd. that offer PR and news distribution services where they ensure that your guest content, be it a post, an interview, or a mention, is tailored to your branding and SEO campaigns for the best results.

The main factors to consider here are that your website links are added in relevant content publications with high domain authority, organic traffic from your ideal target audience, and links to the most suitable keywords.

3.          Run A Blog

Websites with a blog have the advantage of driving more traffic to their website by publishing content that educates users about your brand through trending topics covered.

A blog will also help with keeping your website and customers updated with regular fresh content published, which you can also share via your newsletter or social media. Make sure your blogs encourage the readers to buy what you offer by adding CTAs (call to actions) through buttons or links that refer them to your shop.

4.          Use Different Media

In the digital world, visuals are more important than ever. Showcasing your products or services effectively is essential for your brand and will increase your online visibility. From guest posting with branded images to podcasting or publishing so-called media releases that contain your images, videos, social posts, etc., it’s all about sharing your brand visually.

This is also key for SEO as publishing images and graphics on your website and blog with your target keywords in the image descriptions as metadata will help rank your website better. Optimizing your website images ensures that they are also indexed on search engines so that these images pop up when people search for these keywords.

Final Thoughts

Branding and marketing are very much linked with SEO these days and hopefully, the above expert tips will help you with optimizing your web presence for higher visibility and engagement online. Because especially the younger generations will mainly use the internet to find what they are looking for. So, make sure to stay up to date with all marketing and SEO trends with the digital marketing and PR experts at ClickDo Ltd., who regularly share their insights via their blogs and social media channels.

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