How Much Does An Online Tire Shop Make In A Month

How Much Does An Online Tire Shop Make In A Month

We all have wondered how much a local shop owner or an online store makes per month. Then, we develop our own business ideas and assess the income potential.    After recently buying new tires from PitStopArabia tire shop in Dubai, I wondered how much they were making per month. Well, let's get straight to the point.

There is no conclusive answer to this question and no way to find out unless the online tire shop owner reveals the financials themselves. Instead of wasting time determining the precise numbers, our focus will be on the revenue sources of an online tire shop. These sources make it easier to calculate how much an online tyre shop can make.

1.     Google AdSense

A lot of online tire shops opt for Google AdSense. In other words, Google uses your website for advertisement purposes, while the website owner earns a percentage of the revenue generated from the ads. The revenue from AdSense largely depends upon your website’s traffic. eCommerce websites like online tyre shops see a lot of organics and paid traffic. So, AdSense is a major source of revenue for online tyre shops.

2.   Advertising

If you are running an online tire shop, it is quite evident that you have invested in search engine optimization (SEO). Without SEO, you cannot reasonably expect your website to rank for top keywords. When your website ranks high on the search engine results page (SERP) for top keywords, you will see increased interest from advertisers to use your website for advertising purposes. Many online tyre shops rent out spaces on their website for advertisement. You can charge a hefty amount for advertisements depending on your website traffic.

3.   Guest Posts

The third revenue source for online tyre shops is guest posting. Every reliable and professional online tire shop maintains a blog page. They use it to communicate with their target audience. Guest posting is integral to SEO and increasing a brand's online reach. If your tyre shop is considered reliable, brands will want to guest post on your website in exchange for a backlink. Most people are willing to pay good money for guest posting. Therefore, online tyre shops owner can set up guest posting as a revenue source. Our research reveals to us that many have already done so.

4.   Primary Product Sales

The most obvious revenue source for any online store is the products that they sell. In the case of an online tire shop, it is the tyres. For example, if someone buys Kumho tires from PitStopArabia, the money earned from it is a source of revenue. Similarly, all other tire sales generate revenue for the online tire shop.

5.    Secondary Product Sales

Most online tire shops don’t focus on tyres alone. Instead, they offer other products, too, such as tire cleaners, microfibre cloths, tire pressure monitoring systems, tyre repair kits, and other automobile-related stuff. These secondary products are another source of revenue for the company.

6.   Services

Our research reveals that most online tire shops are not confined to tires and related products alone. Instead, they offer various other automobile-related services, such as car repair, batteries, and even vehicle recovery. These services allow the online tire shops to expand into territories and generate greater revenue, enabling them to compete with ever-increasing competitors.

7.    Affiliate Marketing

Lastly, many online tyre shops engage in affiliate marketing. Due to their strong online presence, they generate considerable online traffic. They use it to their advantage by opting for affiliate marketing. They review or promote products/services through their website’s blog section or social media channels. When people complete a purchase, the online tire shop earns a commission. Many blogs and website owners use affiliate marketing to improve their income.

8.   Other Commissions

Some tire manufacturers provide incentives to retailers and distributors for meeting targets. For example, an online tire shop sells 100 sets of Kumho tires monthly, the monthly target. The manufacturer/distributor will likely provide an incentive. The incentive can be in monetary form or any other.


This concludes our article on how much an online tyre shop makes in a month. Although we did not manage to come up with a precise number, we were able to list the revenue sources. You can use this information to calculate an online tire shop’s total monthly revenue.

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