5 Leading Property Technology Startups To Watch in 2022

5 Leading Property Technology Startups to Watch in 2022

In 2022, these five property tech startups are taking the real estate industry to the next level. These disrupt the market in several ways, from providing property owners with more information and control over their condos and bungalows to reducing the time it takes for buyers to own condos for sale legally.

This article will list five top property tech startups you need to watch as they continue innovating and bringing new ways to the industry.

Top 5 Property Tech Startups

Checkboard Offers A Tenant Management Platform

Partner with Cubic Lease for Tenant Management.


Founding Year: 2019


Location: London, UK


Checkboard helps landlords and real estate agents do tenant background checks. Using machine learning (ML), the startup makes it possible to check potential buyers’ passports, driver’s licenses, and other documents. The platform verifies income using open banking tools and credit history. It also uses process automation to eliminate time-consuming and repetitive tasks, like tenant references and buyer proof of funds. It facilitates the buying and selling process of bungalows for sale.

Whiterock AI Provides Real Estate Analytics


for Property Insights & Deal Screening with Whiterock AI.


Founding Year: 2020


Location: New York City, USA


Whiterock AI makes real estate analytics in the cloud for real estate investors, lenders, and brokers. In addition to its predictive algorithms, the platform uses AI to process property-specific data. The platform also considers financial information, demographics, and image features like windows, outside conditions, and shadows, which are often overlooked. So, keeping track of the properties for sale lets, buyers make intelligent choices.

TechEstate Enables 3D Building Visualization

Use this solution for Virtual Property Tours.


Founding Year: 2019


Location: Monchengladbach, Germany


The German startup, TechEstate, lets you view real estate projects in 3D using a mobile app. It uses augmented reality (AR) to give customers virtual tours of commercial and residential properties. That lets real estate companies and private sellers lay out architectural details and lets buyers see buildings and their surroundings from different angles. TechEstate is also a sales tool that can discuss prices with buyers or renters and negotiate with investors, property owners, and city officials.

EvoEstate Builds A Real Estate Crowdfunding Aggregator

Collaborate with EvoEstate for Real Estate Investments.


Founding Year: 2019


Location: Tallinn, Estonia


EvoEstate is a crowdfunding platform that lets you invest in condos online. Borrowers can apply for loans, which are then posted on the startup’s marketplace after background checks. Investors look at the list of loans and decide which projects they want to invest in. Also, real estate is usually a hard-to-sell asset. Still, the platform lets investors sell their investments before they mature. So small investors can easily buy real estate companies’ equity projects and loans.

Wunderbricks Develops Property Management Software.

Wunderbricks for Lease Management & Property Digital Twin.


Founding Year: 2019


Location: Utrecht, Netherlands


The Dutch company, Wunderbricks, offers property management software that lets property owners and managers automatically rent out properties and keep track of lease agreements. It also gives them a global view of their portfolios by allowing them to manage properties in different countries. The software runs on the Internet of Things (IoT) to make real-time digital copies of properties. It helps make better repair and maintenance plans. The software also combines the different ways tenants ask for repairs, speeding up the process even more.


As we head towards an increasingly digitized world, it is no surprise that property tech startups are cropping up to help property owners and managers keep track of their properties. As an experienced real estate investor or first-time homeowner, staying ahead of the curve can be extremely difficult—but not if you’re paying attention to these five top property tech startups. As a result, you will better manage your business and condos for sale to stay ahead of the competition.

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