Differentiating Between Catered Buffet System & Plated Meals

Differentiating Between Catered Buffet System & Plated Meals

Among all features that contribute to improving something, quality comes second, and presentation always stands first. It almost instantly makes every single thing 10 times better, in multiple aspects which include worth, uniqueness and appeal, etc. It's globally known that something doesn’t need to be extravagant to be presented properly. A plain salad can make all the difference, merely by the intriguing presentation.

When it comes to providing catering services for an event, things tend to get broader. The choice between serving plated meals or having a catered buffet system is not just based on a personal preference. Whether it's a catered buffet system or a plated meal serving, either can be arranged for any number of guests. Regardless, both these options open doors for a major sense of indecisiveness. Marquee event center Houston is a full-service business, which has been running for over 15 successful years. It is undeniable that Marquee hall has left its mark on everyone living in the city and suburbs of Houston. This establishment caters to all kinds of requirements and needs a consumer might have. Are you still unable to decide which option to choose? Keep reading to learn more about these dining formats and hopefully, you’ll have an answer by the end.

Basic Guidelines

Anyone who has ever claimed that guestlist matters, when it comes to planning an event, was not entirely wrong. A catered buffet system, although doable, becomes less practical as the guest list begins to exceed a certain number. If the guest list goes beyond 100, it is also important to consider whether the venue space is sufficient enough. Imagine, over 100 people gathered on BOTH sides of a buffet table at the same time. Even the thought of it is claustrophobic.

If a formal event is studied, needless to say, a plated meal is a better option. You wouldn’t want your guests wearing ties to walk to the self-service station, would you? If an event is THAT formal, everyone will subconsciously be expecting to receive formal treatment via plated meals.  Weddings and other informal celebratory events are an exception to this format.

Plated Meals

Not everyone likes to fetch their feed, many people prefer table serving. There is no denying that table service has its benefits. To name a few; Everyone gets served at the same time, and consistent and undisturbed conversations take place. Plated meal serving eliminates waiting time and the struggle to walk back to your table with your hands full. Whether it is a table service format or a buffet system, events should have at least two options either way. One of these courses should be for the vegetarian peeps and the other course should be a meat lover’s dream.

Buffet Systems

If many guests are attending an event with different dietary restrictions and preferences, what could be done? Instead of increasing the menu options in your table service system, you could easily opt for a buffet system. If you want your guests to be satisfied and enjoy the event, a diet-driven menu will surely give you this benefit. A buffet system is generally more affordable than table service, depending on the number of dishes you may require. If we look at the facts, plated meals come cheaper but when it includes table service, the prices increase. A buffet is preferably chosen for parties, formal luncheons, and game events.


Tempura Halal is a South Asian restaurant that provides finger-licking food catering services to Marquee event center Houston. When it comes to consideration, there are two aspects to keep in mind; Cost and server consideration. Cost and server consideration can be evaluated by servers, even if you don’t pay everyone, you’ll still need them. Whether it is a table service format or a catered buffet, servers need to be present.

Plated Meal

At a table service event, the servers would roam around to offer seconds, beverages, and even clear tables, when necessary. For a plated meal service, the expenses will be covered based on the guest list and the number of guests.

Catered Buffet System

At a catered buffet system, the servers would ensure the plates remain stacked and keep a track of timely refills. They provide exceptional services, no matter what the format of food serving may be. They should be paid and tipped for those remarkable services.

Hybrid Meal Formats

Nowadays, people are switching towards a more hybrid meal system, where they have self-serving stations, as well as table service. This practice is more common for wedding receptions and engagements etc. There are one or two tables where the service is plated. Whereas, the rest of the guests have to walk up to the self-service food stations. Table service is mostly reserved for the immediate families of the couple. Marquee event center caters to all kinds of formats, themes and requirements accordingly. Catered buffet systems are not always supposed to be suffocating and messy. Like everything else in the World, there is a way around this as well. By incorporating a “captain’s call” rule or a “by-table” method, a buffet system can be efficiently executed. Captain’s call is when the servers tell the guests to notify them of their turn to proceed towards the buffet. The term by-table is self-explanatory because it means proceeding table-wise. However, argumentatively, people respond to things differently. This means the final decision should be based on the nature of your event, and the specific preferences of guests. Some of the other factors which can help you decide to involve the evaluation of the food budget and the guest list. You need to thoroughly analyze all aspects and angles before making a decision, to avoid being rushed into something.

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