How To Save Your Furniture While Moving

How To Save Your Furniture While Moving

Moving homes soon? If you’re bringing your own furniture, you’re in for quite the hassle. Moving is difficult enough as it is, but it gets a lot more challenging when you have a bunch of furniture to move. Not only do you have to transport it, but you also have to ensure that it doesn’t take a lot of damage during transport. Most people don’t know how to move their furniture while keeping it safe, so they just roll with the punches and let the furniture get a few scratches and dents. If you would prefer to save your furniture and keep it in one piece, there are some steps you can take. Here are the most important ones.

Disassemble When Possible

The smaller and more compact a piece of furniture is, the easier it is to transport. It goes without saying that a lot of furniture is bulky and difficult to handle, but there are some things you can do to mitigate this. For one, furniture that is made in parts can often be disassembled. This makes it much easier to transport, as it wouldn’t take up much space or keep an unusual shape.

It’s highly recommended that you disassemble anything that can be disassembled before you start moving. You can do this with furniture such as tables, bed frames, modular sofas, and many others. Sometimes, disassembling can be quite a hassle, especially if the piece of furniture has a lot of parts. It can take a while for you to take it apart, but it’s a lot better than transporting it in one piece. The chance of damaging the piece during transport is much lower, and you can probably stack it neatly with other furniture.

Organize The Nuts and Screws

Organize The Nuts and Screws

Since you’re most likely going to take furniture apart whenever possible, you’re going to have to take care of the nuts, bolts, screws, and other small parts. These items tend to get lost when moving, especially if you aren’t careful about storing them. It’s easy to forget about the exact number of screws and nails you need as well as what they’re used for. However, they’re essential moving supplies that you don’t want to lose.

To avoid having to search through all your furniture and bags for these items, you should place them in a plastic container and label them. It would be even better to have a segmented container in which you can label every segment. This way, you know exactly which items go to which piece of furniture when you have to assemble it.

Don’t Do It Alone

Plenty of people moves furniture on their own when it’s time to move out. However, when it’s moving day, just as many figures out that it’s not nearly as easy as they thought it would be. It’s not just the weight and shape of the furniture that makes the process difficult. Navigating hallways, outdoors, and organizing items in the moving truck can be a headache, and mistakes mean that furniture will take damage. At the same time, anyone without moving experience will be at risk of injury if they aren’t careful.

With all of this in mind, your best bet would be to find experienced movers to get the job done. Not only would it save you time and stress, but it would also prevent furniture scratches and dents. Companies like 2 Men Removals specialize in safe furniture transport, and they make sure that nothing gets damaged during a move. With the help of professionals, you can guarantee that your furniture will arrive in the best possible shape. Plus, you can avoid the hassle of moving anything by yourself and risking injury.

Wrap Up The Furniture

Wrap Up The Furniture

Throwing furniture into a truck without any protection is a recipe for scratches and dents. Even when you don’t take the actual moving into account, things move around and vibrate while in a truck. Something will inevitably take damage during transport, especially if it’s completely exposed.

Because of this, wrapping furniture with a protective lawyer is highly recommended. Plastic and stretch wrap is the ideal choices for the job. They’re easy to apply and scratch-resistant. While wrapping every piece of furniture from top to bottom might be impractical, you should cover as many of the edges as possible and that should be enough to get the job done.


Moving furniture can be considered a simple enough task, but keeping it safe and in one piece is far from it. You need to prepare your furniture adequately if you want it to remain intact. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to minimize or even negate damage to your furniture. Use some of the methods we’ve mentioned above, and you shouldn’t have any trouble protecting your furniture. The more effort you put into the job, the less you’ll have to worry about scratches and dents. 

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