Why Are People Adopting Mobile Health Services On A Large Scale?

Why Are People Adopting Mobile Health Services On A Large Scale?

Mobile phones are devices that are most used and have been pampered by humans in the entire technological world. And, whatever connects with it gets popular instantly such as applications, speakers, headphones, and what not.

In this technological driven-era, mobile phones are not just a device for calling and massaging but it becomes a medium for doing business, making big deals, storing and transferring large and important files, doing shopping, and many other important tasks.

Looking at this tremendous popularity of mobiles, the Healthcare industry has also taken a deep dive to achieve the maximum benefit like other industries are having through mobile. So, taking healthcare service from mobile is known as mobile health service.

In this blog, we will understand how and why mobile health services are gaining more and more attention.

So Before We Start Let's First Understand Why Mobile Health Came Into Action?

So Before We Start Let's First Understand Why Mobile Health Came Into Action

As climate change and ecological imbalance are taking place, new diseases and the quality of air are reducing day by day. Therefore people are now becoming more health-conscious than before and the pressure on the traditional health industry is getting higher.

Study shows that healthcare expenditure is growing in developed countries. For example, the USA had spent 18.2% of its GDP on healthcare in 2015 which is an increment of 5.7% as compared to 2014.

On the other hand, in developing countries where areas with less medical resources, unbalanced growth of demand and supply, and where there is difficulty to receive necessary medical services have made the situation vulnerable. Moreover, with the aggravation of aging, there is a sharp increase in mortality as well as various types of chronic disease worldwide.

Considering such concerns, the healthcare industry is on the hunt for a solution that reduces healthcare costs, smart allocation of healthcare resources, and enhances the efficiency of patient diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring.

And here what they come across,

How Does Mobile Health Come As A Solution To The Healthcare Industry?

Mobile health services come with the opportunity to overcome the issue that the healthcare industry has been facing for a long time.

Healthcare Information and Management System society has considered the mobile health service as a provider of health services through mobile communication technology such as 3G/4G mobile networks and satellite communication.

In addition to this, mobile health service also involves cloud technology allowing users to store and share data from anywhere in the world, helping the healthcare industry reduce costs on hardware and helping in maintaining the data. Moreover, mobile health is largely for remote monitoring, remote consultation, and for personal healthcare digital services

What a major benefits mobile heath is providing in the healthcare system is that it saves time and cost of diagnosis. As this is a major concern healthcare professionals are facing not treating their patients on time and they have to stand in long queues. Besides this, mobile health is playing an important role in improving the quality and efficiency of medical resources.

Now, Let’s See Some Benefit of Mobile Health That Has Been Appreciated By The Patients And Healthcare Providers For The Past Few Years

Now, Let’s See Some Benefit of Mobile Health That Has Been Appreciated By The Patients And Healthcare Providers For The Past Few Years

  1. Patient’s Can Get Quick, Easy Access To Providers and Care

Telemedicine is the prime example of mobile health, it provides technology that enables patients to send secure messages, book appointments, and connect to providers 24/7 for telemedicine visits.

Patients are likely to indulge in Telemedicine service as it is convenient, time-saving as well as cost effective. Since, in some remote areas where it's hard to receive medical service, telemedicine is such a platform that overcomes the problem and gives the best possible service to patients. Some telemedicine services offer visits by the network physician as per the demand and the seriousness of the problem or make a visit on weekends or after working hours.

  1. Mobile Health Make Sure To Doctor About The Patient’s Medication

After getting discharged from the hospital, the doctor's main concern is to make sure that their patient takes the medicine on time or not. As in some chronic conditions, it's the doctor’s responsibility to take care of patients throughout the treatment, still, in some cases, patients miss their medication that result in some serious conditions.

Mobile health technology has taken over the charge and provides such features that remind patients to take their medication properly and give reminders as well. There are medication adherence apps in the market that provide patient reminders about the refill of their prescription, track pill remaining and provide educational information.

  1. Patient Monitoring Make Easy And Affordable

Mobile health technology enables patients to store the health data, such as blood pressure, glucose level, heart rate, and medical history and allows them to upload the lab report as well. Doctors would easily log in to their app and see the patient's medical details guide them further.

This practice saves the time of doctors and patients and can give proper treatment at a long distance.

Remote patient monitoring is a feasible and very beneficial technology that allows doctors to monitor the patient's chronic conditions, also it allows them to ensure whether the patient is taking medicine properly or not.

  1. Medication Name Accuracy, Improve Patient Safety

As per the doctor’s statements, many of the patients do not recall the name of the medicine they are taking, this happens mainly for the polypharmacy patients who have to take more than five various kinds of prescribed medication.

There are cases when patients cannot recall the medication name accurately in front of a physician, nurse, or another provider that raise tension that leads to significant risk to patients’ health.

  1. Better Communication and Coordination

Mhealth is like an online community for doctors, medical staff, and patients, where they can communicate with each other by sitting at their place.

For example, doctors can easily connect to their fellow doctors to whom they are transferring their patients. So that there is direct communication and no chance of misleading information. Traditionally, its challenging task is to connect and communicate with colleagues, coworkers, and patients at many times when they are not available.

Mobile health is the technology that joins the healthcare industry in one place, which makes communication and coordination easy among them.


It’s not wrong to say that mobile health is drastically shaping up the healthcare industry as it has shown a huge use of telemedicine applications for the past few years. Also, in the pharmaceutical industry, pharmacy app development is being in trend inflicting u

However, Mobile health has solved such problems in rural areas and provides necessary medical services. Therefore, Mobile health is now becoming popular in most countries. 

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