Things To Think About When Installing Air Conditioning in Your Home

Things to Think About When Installing Air Conditioning in Your Home

Whether it’s because your previous HVAC system had to be replaced, you bought a home that didn’t originally come with a system at all, or because rising outside temperatures demand that you upgrade your existing system, you’re wondering if you should install better air conditioning. There are many benefits to either installing or upgrading your air conditioning, the most obvious being the onslaught of colder air you’d be able to enjoy during hot weather. However there are other reasons too, and there are many other factors to consider when looking to install a new system too.

The Benefits

If you're still debating with yourself over whether or not to get the system, whether that be due to money or the time and effort that it would involve, consider the benefits of air conditioning overall. Even when you don't use the system every day as you proceed into the warmer months of the year, think about how much comfort the unit can bring on the hottest of days at the peak of summer or spring. Also, air conditioning can be quite important in a home that has pets, plants not native to where you live, and young children. When you're out at work, you need to keep your pets in a safe and comfortable environment. Poor ventilation and humid temperatures have also been known to contribute to the chance of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), which can happen at any time while your baby is asleep. Cooler air can reduce that risk very easily. Air conditioning can also be a benefit for people with certain health conditions, preventing those conditions from exacerbating or flaring up and causing them pain.

Types of Systems

There are also different types of systems for you to think about and choose from. For example, some homeowners simply want to install window or wall units, these are the ones you see hanging out of windows or hanging on the wall close to the ceiling in a room or in the hallways. Meanwhile, others are more interested in getting ducted air conditioning, otherwise known as central air conditioning. This is the system where nothing will be visible and the cold air will be pumped into the room through a vent. 

The size of your home and budget play roles in the type of system you’ll probably select. Also, if you are renting your home, you will probably have to opt for window units or portable units to get by unless your landlord agrees to either install or upgrade what you currently have. Whether it’s you or the landlord, it’s a good idea to work with a specialist to review different models to find the right fit for your home that fits your budget.

Size of the Unit

If you are choosing a window or wall unit, or perhaps you decide to go with a portable air conditioner, you must pay close attention to the air conditioner's specifications - namely the space it will take up and how much space it can cool at a given time. Unlike central air conditioners that can reach the entire house, walls, windows, or portable units can typically only cool down a certain amount of square footage in a home. You want to ensure that the unit you purchase is powerful enough to keep your living space comfortable. Chances are that you will need more than one unit to properly cool your entire home.

Time Spent Installing

The type and size of the system that you're getting will heavily dictate how long the installation takes. The season you choose to install has an effect as well. In short, before the warmer months arrive, many people are looking to have air conditioners installed or upgraded in their homes. Thus, opting to schedule your installation well before then, such as in an off-season would work out well if time is of concern. Regardless of when you want to have the system installed, make sure to schedule the work far in advance of when you would actually need it.

Installing air conditioning in your home, especially if your home currently lacks air conditioning, is a smart move for a variety of reasons. You and your family will be far more comfortable in cooler air rather than simply spending the summer sweating, and you can increase the resale value of the house. Considering some important factors will help to make this transition even more worthwhile and enjoyable, such as scheduling the installation far ahead of when you’d actually need it and discerning what type of system or unit you’d need, can also lend into a far more comfortable home for you overall.

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