Affordable Staging Ideas For A Quick Sale

Example of affordable house staging idea for a quick sale

When it comes to house staging, sellers usually face a couple of misconceptions about this process. The most common one is that staging has to be expensive. The truth is, everything can be costly if you want it to be. You can always hire professional stagers and rent pricey furniture and art if that's something you can afford. However, professional staging isn't the only option. Fortunately, there are many staging tips and tricks that won't break the bank and will give you the same results - a profitable and fast sale. So, if you're looking for affordable staging ideas for a quick sale, we prepared a list of things you can try. Let's see what they are!

Declutter & Depersonalize 

It costs you nothing to get rid of all the clutter and put away your personal items for an open house or a showing. Not only is this step-free, but it's also necessary. Therefore, if you're looking for affordable staging ideas for a quick sale, you can't overlook this one.

The first thing we suggest you do is to implement a 'less is more' strategy in your staging process. When visiting your home, prospective buyers can get distracted by all your belongings cramming up the space. However, if you declutter, you'll create a more open and clean space that will enhance your home's best features. So, get rid of everything that blocks a good view, organize shelves, storage spaces, and the garage (if you have one). You can always ask your real estate agent to check if you've done a good job.

A part of decluttering is also depersonalizing. And no, your family photos, memorabilia, and your kids' drawings are not cluttered. However, it's also not something prospective buyers want to see. You have to create a space that will help them visualize themselves living in your home. And them seeing your personal stuff around the house isn't helping at all.

So, carefully pack all your personal belongings and put them in a safe place until you can display them in your new home. Professionals from Best Movers NYC suggest renting a storage unit from a moving company that will help you relocate to your new home (once you sell this one) and putting all your personal belongings in said unit. 

Modern and clean living room

Clean & Deodorize 

One of the biggest deal-breakers for prospective buyers is a dirty and smelly house. So, you don't want yours to be in this category. That's why the next affordable step of house staging should be cleaning and deodorizing.

Yes, you can always hire a professional cleaning service and ask for a deep clean. However, a more budget-friendly option is to clean your house by yourself. Find the right cleaning products, invest some time in the process, and you'll end up with a squeaky-clean home. This is definitely something that will speed up the sale!

Furthermore, if you have pets, make sure to get rid of pet odors. We suggest cleaning your carpets and using a pet odor eliminator on your furniture as well. This odor might not be a problem for you, but prospective buyers, especially those with allergies, won't appreciate it at all. So, make sure you do everything you can to get rid of it.

Both cleaning and deodorizing are some of our favorite affordable staging ideas for a quick sale that will go a long way. Therefore, do implement them in your house staging process!

Rearrange Existing Furniture 

If you're working with a real estate agent that is trying to persuade you that you need to rent brand new furniture for the house staging, it's time you find someone else to work with. It's one of the signs you hired the wrong real estate agent. Why? Because they just want you to pay for the additional service they offer and do not have your best interests at heart. The truth is, you can easily use the furniture you already have and not spend more money on renting new. So, make sure you have an agent by your side that will suggest this idea first.

There are many ways to rearrange your existing furniture when staging a home on a budget. One of the effects you want to achieve is the openness of the space. Therefore, after getting rid of the big and bulky furniture, rearrange the existing pieces into a nice and open flow. Make sure a person can go through a room without tripping over or running into something. Additionally, don't let your furniture block your lovely flooring, especially if you have hardwood floors. That's a feature you definitely want to show off.

But what about older and outdated furniture? Don't worry; there's a solution for that as well. A great tip for affordable staging ideas for a quick sale is slipcovers. You can purchase them for $50-$100 in every color and pattern. We suggest choosing neutral colors for your old sofas or upholstery with 70s prints. This is an easy and cheap way to give your house the cosmetic change it needs. 

Repaint The Walls 

Just because you enjoy bright and bold colors in your home doesn't mean everyone else does. In fact, many people, especially potential buyers, like to see neutral colors on the wall. That's why one of the best affordable staging ideas for a quick sale is neutralizing the rooms in your home by repainting them.

You can easily find inexpensive paint, so you don't have to worry about breaking the bank with this project. Speaking of the color palette you want to use, think white, beige, gray, or tan. These shades also make up for a great canvas. This means you'll be able to add a pop of color with accent cushions or other home decors. For example, in a grey bathroom, make a statement with white towels and gold drawer handles.

Person repainting wall

Improve The Lighting 

Believe it or not, lighting is crucial in house staging. No potential buyer wants to come into a dark house. That's why it's your job to create a warm and inviting environment with proper lighting. First things first, nothing says 'homey and bright' like natural light. So, make sure to let in as much natural light into your home as possible. This is one of the first things buyers will notice. It's a huge plus!

Besides natural light, make sure your fixtures work properly. You can do that by turning all your lights at night and checking if there are any problems. Additionally, avoid LED lights as they are too bright. Instead, make sure to find a soft light that will create a welcoming atmosphere in your home.

Boost The Curb Appeal 

No house staging should go without boosting the curb appeal. Since curb appeal is the ultimate first impression of every house, you'll have to invest some time and money into making it shine. Fortunately, you can boost your curb appeal for very little money. So, let's see what your options are:

      Declutter, clean out all the debris in your front yard

      Mow the lawn, prune the trees, and pull out the excess weed

      Clean and enhance your front door (repaint it if necessary)

      Revive your pathway 

      Plant seasonal and colorful flowers

All these actions require more time than money. Therefore, don't be lazy if you want to sell your house quickly and for a good profit. A good curb appeal always goes a long way!  

Focus On The Details

The last affordable staging idea for a quick sale is to focus on detail around your house. Prospective buyers love to see that you put thought into everything you did, even the smallest things. So, make sure you have something to show for it.

For example, match your bed set with the pillowcases. It's always nice to see a clean and pretty bed. Also, replace the curtain in your shower if you have one. Choose a neutral one that will go nicely with the rest of the stuff in the room. Additionally, displaying colorful flowers on the dining table or in the living room will definitely bring you some bonus points. You can never go wrong with a scented candle or air freshener either.

All these small efforts will set you apart on the market. Why? Because sellers don't think these things are important. However, they are vital! 

Perfectly staged home

Final Thoughts About Affordable Staging Ideas For A Quick Sale 

Now that you read this article, it's clear you don't have to drain your bank account in order to stage your home properly. There are many affordable staging ideas for a quick sale that you can use. The best part is that you'll get the same effect as you would with professional staging. Therefore, don't despair that your budget is limited - you have plenty of great options you can choose from!

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