Top 5 Benefits of An Ice Shower After An Intense Boxing Session

Top 5 Benefits of an Ice Shower after an Intense Boxing Session

Boxing is one of the most dangerous yet most rewarding professions. Most people start as immature boxing only to discover a whole new world so they opt for boxing professionally. It is all about the passion of the game and the love for good health. It is a common misconception that boxing is all about self-defense. Hovered, to some extent it can help you defend yourself but the main part is linked with health. Boxing is a great full-body exercise and it can be used as a substitute for normal boring exercises as well. Most people even use it as a cardio alternative to get in shape, lose weight and stay fit. Boxing is also known to be an ideal exercise for building muscles, body strength, endurance, and losing fat.

Since the workout is too intense, it is only fair to give your body a good treatment after all the bruises that you might have on your body because of the intense workout and fight session. Here are some of the main benefits of a cold shower that will convince you to end your boxing session with a cold shower only. We will also talk about some of the reasons professional fighters opt for a cold shower instead of hot showers.

Benefits of Ice Shower After Boxing Session

Most people think that cold water therapy is really good and they must do it but they do not understand that you need to be very careful. Taking a cold shower is helps you wake up and stay active but if the water is too cold and you stay in it for too long, this might cause your blood pressure to drop. You might even go into shock which is the reason we do not recommend ice-cold baths. On the contrary, ice-cold showers are good because they will help you rinse off the dirt and you will feel the cold water soothing the inflation, relaxing muscles, helping you breathe better and it also helps in increasing energy. Some people even link it with improvement in the metabolism rate and improvement in mental health. Some of the ways it helps the boxer with recovery include:

Good For Muscle Recovery

Good For Muscle Recovery

Muscle recovery after a full-body session gets really challenging and painful especially with cramps and accumulated lactic acid. With the help of a cold shower, muscle recovery gets speedy. It also reduces swelling, helps with inflammation, reduces aches, and gets the lactic acid out of the muscles.

Good For Mental Health

Most people start to feel dizzy and lethargic after a boxing session. This happens because the body feels the need to recover. In most cases, it is connected with the urge to recharge the body because boxing sessions can really make you tired. However, a cold shower can jolt your brain which will help you stay awake and active throughout the day. In case you have an early boxing session, a cold shower will help you stay active.

Helps With Digestion and Metabolism

Most people think that a cold shower will prevent them from sweating and this will suppress their appetite. However cold showers help in improving the metabolism by convincing your body to provide more energy and heat by burning far. When you take a cold shower, the body tries to warm with help of fat burning, and this way it increases brown adipose tissue that helps with metabolism as well.

Soothing Pain

Soothing Pain

If you have a bruise or you are feeling pain, a cold shower will help you soothe your pain easily. In most cases when you have a bruise your blood keeps rushing towards the bruise which increases pain. However, if you pour cold water, this will decrease the blood flow towards the area of pain and you will feel better.

Sanitizing and Cleaning

Most people when practicing boxing end up with open cuts, scratches, and wounds. In these cases, the pain gets worse and they just want to cover it up. However, a cold shower helps with cleaning and soothing pain.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, your body needs something to soothe down the pain. With a hot shower, you are actually increasing the blood rush towards the bruises and this will amplify the pain. On the contrary, if you have bruises and you take a cold shower you will eventually see that it is soothing down the pain. The main reason is that it shrinks the capillaries and the blood doesn’t rush towards the wounded area. Another very important thing is cleaning. Most people think that cleaning with water is enough, however, it is better to use an alcohol pad as well. However, you can add any antiseptic solution and dilute it in water so that you can clean your wounds properly.

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