Historic Vacation Getaways

Historic Vacation Getaways

Some of the world's most attractive elements, places, even cities are alluring for their rich sense of history. Historic destinations serve us with architectural wonders, impressive art, archaeological ruins, and cultures that existed long ago. We compiled a list of some of the best historic vacation getaways for you and your loved ones.


Gettysburg in Pennsylvania is one of the top historical cities in the USA. The seclusive yet charming 600-acre town acts as a military park for the civil war as it was a battleground during Union and Confederate wars more than 100 years ago. The town was also part of the cold war story, which is depicted with its Eisenhower National Historic Site. 

Apart from its history, Gettysburg is an intimate and cozy destination, with its people as a crucial part of its hospitality. The food in its restaurants is fresh from the farm, and they are also famed for original drink creations. Some must-visit sites in Gettysburg include the Gettysburg National Military Park, Jennie Wade House, Shriver House Museum, and the Sachs Covered Bridge.

Allegany County in Maryland

Allegany County in Maryland is much more than its breathtaking natural views and the widely famed biking trails. This 70,000-acre destination packs with it at least 300 years of American history and culture. The first strides of transportation in America trace to Allegany County, where it is even documented as the destination hosting the country's first road trip.

Throughout its existence, the town has seen loads of influences on its culinary views. Visitors here will not only enjoy experiencing differently made and exquisite beers, wines, and spirits; but also some quant historical sites such as the Union Grove School House, the Gordon-Roberts House, or the F. Brook Whiting House Museum.

Georgetown in Washington DC

Washington DC is a modern escape whose foundation is deep-rooted in American history. One of its history-laden areas is in Georgetown. Popular historical destinations to experience include The Williamson Museum, Grace Heritage Center, Berry Springs Park, and Preserve, and the Georgetown Loop Railroad and Mining Park, famous for its old west trains similar to those in the Colorado mountains. Trains once led the nation in travel and to this day still offer nostalgic sightseeing across the states.

Plimoth Plantation in Plymouth

The Plimoth Plantations, a historical settlement museum in Plymouth, Massachusetts, depicts the 17th-century colony lifestyle. The area is home to two native cultures of the Pilgrims and Wampanoag people, who have retained their traditions to this present day.

While here, you can visit some showcase museums made of its villages and artifact collections, including the 17th century English Village, Plimoth Grist Mill, Historic Patuxent, and Mayflower II. The craft center houses locally crafted art pieces and tools. The area is open to visitors from March all through to November.

Salem in Massachusetts

Salem is, to an extent, infamous yet an alluring and always exciting destination to visit. Located in the North Shore area, Salem is popular for being the destination for witches and pirates that saw Salem witch trials.

Its history with witchcraft is well documented in the Salem Witch Museum, a must-visit site while in the town. Apart from witches, Salem is also tied to US Maritime beginnings and home to the Salem Maritime National Historic Site.

Whether you are a history buff, or seemingly interested in historical destinations, the above list is a great place to start your vacation plans. Check out the different destinations and find places to stay while you explore these history-laden places.

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