Help Your Parents Feel Safer With These Home Updates

Help Your Parents Feel Safer With These Home Updates

If you have elderly parents who want to continue living in their own home, you will of course be worried about their safety. Unfortunately, today's world seems more violent and out of control than ever before, making it necessary for you to make security a top priority for your parents. To do all you can to prevent a tragedy, here are some home updates that will help your parents feel much safer.

Home Security System

As home security has become more important, numerous types of home security systems are now on the market, with many of them being designed especially for seniors. Security systems typically have cameras and sensors that they can access if they are concerned about intruders. Additionally, most security systems come with the support that will send alerts to the local authorities if someone breaks in. Additionally, a sign outside the home with the brand of the security system is also a deterrent for intruders.

Life Alert Systems

Even if you’re parents aren’t a high falling risk, having a something such as the life alert system that is on your parent at all time can help them feel safer while they are home alone. By opting for one of these systems, your parents can often simply press a button on their system or on their cellphone to get in touch with a paramedic or police, depending on the situation.

Security Screens

On doors and windows that have traditional screens, it is very easy for criminals to cut the mesh and enter a home. To prevent such a tragedy from occurring, consider installing Guardian Security Screens on your parent's doors and windows. Still allowing for plenty of airflow and visibility, these screens fit in well with existing home decor, are easy to install, and allow for quick release should an emergency exit be necessary.

Increased Outside Lighting

If there is one thing criminals love to do, it’s hiding in the dark. To make sure they can't do this around your parent's home, increase the amount of outside lighting. While you can get an electrician to install lights, many solar-powered spotlights are now available that are affordable, easy to install anywhere, and are dawn to dusk, meaning your parents won't need to remember to turn them on and off.

New Doors

Your parent’s doors are the main way to enter the home. One way to make them feel safer is by installing new doors that have additional support around the locking mechanism to prevent intruders from breaking into the home. In addition, consider upgrading the locking mechanisms to have a triple lock - a doorknob, door jam, and sliding chain. These additional locking mechanisms can make it harder to break in as well as give a piece of mind that it is unlikely an unwanted person will get through the door.

Stair Lift

Getting upstairs can be both physically demanding and scary for your parents if they aren’t confident with their footing. Having a stairlift installed can be a lifesaver. Since these systems are made to operate even if the electricity is off, your parents can always rely on these systems to get them upstairs, even in a blackout or other situations.

Fake Security Cameras

In addition to the security system that has cameras, additional fake security cameras may make your parents feel safer without adding a crazy amount of costs. In addition, if the cameras are believable to intruders, it’ll decrease the likelihood of someone choosing your parent’s home to break into.

Remove Spare Keys From The Porch

A common practice is to have a backup key under a rock or nearby your front door in case you forget your keys. However, these are commonly searched by intruders and are not an ideal way to help your parents feel safe. Instead, consider reaching out to a trusted neighbor or nearby friend that could hold onto a spare key in case they need it. Since there is a chance that the neighbor or friend isn’t available when you need them, consider providing a spare key to a couple of friends instead.

Get A Loud Dog

A huge deterrent for criminals when breaking into a home is a barking dog on the other side of the door. In addition to the added security, a dog can be a great companion for your parents and can help them feel loved, no matter what they do or say.

Whether you choose to make one or more of these home updates to help your parents feel safer, there is no doubt any you do will bring tremendous peace of mind to both you and your parents. After all, as you know, peace of mind is priceless.

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