From TikTok To Youtube: How To Make A Successful Vid

From TikTok To Youtube

Let's be honest. Social media is on fire, and becoming a pro on TikTok and YouTube are just two ways to build an impressive online presence. Video is the only way to go considering that by the year 2022, you could be seeing more than one billion videos uploaded every second. Wow! You can do it, too, when you use the right strategies to make a successful video and grow your audience rapidly.

It's All About Algorithms

When you set out to make a video, you will want to include keywords and SEO planning so that folks will know how to find you and want to watch your video.

Social media experts recommend placing your keywords in four proper places. For example, a keyword or two should be in your YouTube or TikTok video title.

Next, place the keyword at the start of your video description. Then, add the keyword once more in the video description, and last, place the keyword in your video tag.

It's all about algorithms, and in this case, how you rank in content placement.

Engage Your Audience

Another technique for creating a successful vid for TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and others is by encouraging your viewers to participate.

Who doesn't want their social media audience to like, comment, or share the videos they've worked hard to produce?

That is why engaging your viewers is an excellent strategy and asking your audience to take action after they see your vid can be quite beneficial to your standing on social media.

Another effective approach would be using video annotation, such as text, links to videos, and side notes that offer your viewers a more interactive experience.

Self-Promotion Is Good

It's really okay to toot your horn when you want to promote a video you've created on TikTok, for instance. Self-promotion is great and can be done in some subtle ways and without busting your budget through costly advertising.

You could give your videos some extra mileage by promoting them in your newsletter, splashing them across your other social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

If you have a podcast, you could include the link there and so on.

Forget The Pricey Equipment

Most social media pros would advise not worrying about all that fancy equipment some people use to make their videos. What you want to concentrate on at first is the human connection.

That may sound simple enough, but it's not always attainable for some.

"You do you" is the best advice. Don't try to be someone else, and don't be afraid to take your viewers on your personal social media journey. In other words, be authentic, and if you make a few mistakes, so what.

Give your audience some behind-the-scenes video gems, or share things that make you relatable and someone they will return to view their videos again and again.

Perfect Your Playlists

It's one thing to create awesome videos, but don't forget to keep your channel fresh and new. One angle here is to create playlists to help your audience find more of what they like on your channel in a simplified way.

Optimizing your YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok vids in a playlist will help promote greater visibility for you and help you show up in YouTube's search and suggested videos.

For example, looking at your home page, you can show off playlists of your best videos, and each playlist can appear in a different section with up to 10 sections.

You Need A Profile Picture

Some folks on social media don't bother with this tiny strategy, but our social media pros say that a profile pic is worth a thousand words.

A profile image is really like an icon for your channel, so choose one that features your face. Viewers will remember it over a logo, and using a profile picture can be amazing for your business.

A great-looking homepage on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and others tells the world what you and your videos are all about.

It seems like everybody's putting out videos on social media, but creating successful, quality videos matters. Try our tips, have fun and get ready to upload!

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