Steps You Need To Take Before You Can Be A Qualified Yoga Instructor

Steps You Need to Take Before You Can Be a Qualified Yoga Instructor

Many individuals can have a fulfilling career as yoga instructors. If you are interested in starting this type of career, there are some things that you need to do before you can start teaching classes. Here are the steps that you need to take before you can be a qualified yoga instructor.

Learn About The Different Types of Yoga

Before you become a yoga instructor, you first need to learn about the different types of yoga that you can teach. Not every style is right for every student or for every instructor. However, some instructors do choose to get certified to teach several types of yoga.

One of the most common styles of yoga is vinyasa yoga. While this style can vary widely from instructor to instructor, in general, coordinates your breath with your movements and posture. It can vary in speed, and it can be combined with other types of yoga.

Iyengar yoga is more focused on precise and accurate alignment. The poses are often held for longer than in other styles so that each posture can be perfected. You’ll also find props used more often in this style.

Yin yoga is a slow style of yoga. Each position is held for a long period of time to allow for meditation and reflection. It can help soothe anxiety and help increase flexibility.

These are just a few types of yoga. You may also be interested in teaching prenatal, restorative, or Bikram yoga. Do your research to find which types suit your personal philosophy best.

Get CPR and First-Aid Training

Since you will be teaching classes that test an individual's physical abilities, it's imperative that you get CPR and first-aid training before you become a qualified yoga instructor. While you certainly hope that using these skills will never become necessary, you need to be prepared for any and every eventuality. This will ensure that you know what to do if an emergency situation arises during one of your classes. First-aid and CPR certifications are also often a requirement for working at a studio, so you’ll want to get this before applying.

Attend a Certified Yoga Teacher Program

To become a qualified yoga instructor, you will need to attend a certified yoga teacher program. This will allow you to learn a variety of different things like yoga anatomy, proper posture, and how to teach a yoga class. You’ll even learn about the ethics of being a yoga teacher, which includes how you should conduct yourself both in and outside of classes. Teaching yoga is more than just showing a room full of people in different postures. An instructor program gives you a fuller understanding of how yoga affects the body and the mind and how best to teach that to others.

The length of time that you will have to attend a yoga training program will vary depending on the type of certifications that you wish to obtain. Many individuals have to take at least 200 hours worth of classes before they can become qualified yoga instructors. Usually, that needs to be all taken from the same teacher or school for you to be certified. Longer programs may allow you to combine hours from different training programs.

Purchase Yoga Insurance

Unfortunately, injuries may happen during one of your classes. You can make sure that you are financially prepared for this by purchasing yoga insurance. This type of insurance often covers the cost of medical bills for both you and your students if one of you gets injured. Many individuals are surprised to find that yoga insurance tends to be very affordable even for new yoga instructors.

Continue Learning

Any good teacher knows that their education doesn’t stop when they receive their teaching certificate, and the same applies to yoga instructors. As you continue on in your career, you should continue to develop yourself and your abilities. This might include learning new styles of yoga to teach or simply learning more about your favorite style.

You can have a lot of success as a yoga instructor. This type of field will allow you to do something that you love all while helping your students at the same time. Before you start your career, there are some things that you need to do first. However, all of the time that it takes will be worth it as completing the necessary steps will allow you to become a qualified yoga instructor and work at a job that you'll love.

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