What Is User Experience & How Will You Measure Your Website’s UX?

What is User Experience & How Will You Measure Your Website’s UX

The web design’s very important element is user experience. What does a user experience when he visits a website? Do the web pages load at a faster rate?

After using a site, the experience that you get is known as user experience. So, what steps will you take to measure user experience?

Importance Of Measuring User Experience

We will call those people as potential customers who are the users of our website. They will have a good experience with your site if they can navigate it quickly.

When after visiting your website, a customer is not able to get a proper result for his query then what will happen? If from your site he is unable to check out then what will he think of your site?

When after visiting your site, a visitor struggles in using it then he may not like to visit it again. But if he can navigate through your site easily and quickly then he may convert into a customer and may also take interest in visiting your site again.

Now I am going to show you how to measure user experience.

1. How users interact with forms – Forms can have any special offer or information which the visitors have to sign up for. To contact you, sometimes the customers need to fill the forms on your site. There is a lot of value in the customer data. However, the forms mustn't be very big, otherwise, the visitors will not like to fill them.

The visitors may not take interest in filling certain fields of information in the forms and you can get information about this by using a tool known as Hotjar. So, we can say that it is a great way of measuring the user experience.

2. Navigation of the users through your site – Will you take interest in knowing that after visiting your site where a user clicks and what he does on your site. An insight like this is so valuable for measuring the UX. For knowing that on your site where the users click, a heatmap will help you in showing this. You can take the benefits of this service with the help of a tool known as Crazy Egg.

3. Measure UX by usability testing – For testing the usability of a site an expert is not always needed. Sometimes getting feedback from the customers, family, and friends can be valuable to you. You have to request these people to access your website. They will tell you if they are facing problems in completing certain steps on your site. For providing a smooth experience you need to explore critical areas like these. These people will also tell you if your website is user-friendly or not. 

4. Monitor time-on-page and page views – You can easily know whether the navigation to your site is easy or not based on the time that the visitor spends on it. If the visitors are visiting multiple pages on your site, then it is a clear indication that they are enjoying your site with so much comfortability. You will always want them to convert into your customers. For doing this you can either take the help of a newsletter sign-up or CTAs and attract the visitors for clicking on these or filling these.

5. Measure UX by running a customer success survey – To know whether your site satisfies visitors or not you can perform a survey of customer success. You need to ask them if they get a proper result for their query on your site. Is your website helpful to them in accomplishing their goals? Are they interested in recommending the services and products of your company to their friends and relatives? For collecting the customer responses, the Qualaroo tool will help you a lot.

6. Give proper consideration to your team that provides customer service – A customer will go to the customer service team if he doesn’t get the needed information on your site. The team can fix certain issues of the customers. It is very important to fix the issues of the user experience based on tracking the complaints of the customers.

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