Makeup Trends For Your Special Wedding Day

Makeup Trends For Your Special Wedding Day

There are many looks that you can go to for a wedding. But when it is your wedding, you will want to stand out compared to the rest. One thing that we do recommend is that you go for something different compared to your usual makeup routine. You want people to stop and stare at you for many reasons. Your dress should leave them amazed but your makeup should also be jaw-dropping.

Colours, Crystals and A Wonderful Shine

This is a very bold move for your makeup but if you get the right makeup artist then you can look stunning. This is different to the usual bridal makeup which is why everybody will like it. Crystals are a wonderful addition to your makeup for your special day. Remember, there will be a photographer there so you want to make sure that you get some great pictures. Crystals are a great way to make you shine when the camera flash on you. The best point to make about this makeup trend is that it heavily focuses on your eye makeup.

To finish off this stunning look, use soft and lustrous highlights as this is a great combination with those crystals that you will be wearing. This is a wonderful way to emphasise those cheekbones of yours and define them. Without having to go over the top with other makeup products. Do not be afraid to explore different colours on your eyeshadow palette either. Your wedding day is your day to look drop-dead gorgeous and go for a look that you do not usually wear.

Simplicity Is The Look

Another popular makeup trend in 2021 for a wedding is keeping it simple. During lockdown throughout the pandemic, many of us had the time to have a great skincare routine throughout the week. What was the point in spending all that time making your skin look perfect when you are just going to put loads of makeup on? Embrace your natural beauty on your wedding day.

There is nothing with a natural look on your wedding day. It makes the getting ready part in the morning a lot easier. Think about it, you do not need to go to a makeup artist to do your makeup and spend one or two hours there. You can apply a little bit of mascara and foundation in the morning then get your hair done. How simple does that sound compared to the usual wedding schedule that most bridesmaids and brides have?

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Do Not Be Afraid To Go Bold

Eye makeup is an easy go-to when it comes to your wedding day. However, your wedding is to embrace all of your facial features and not just your eyes. Embrace your lips as well. Nude colours are a thing of the past now and are old news. In the world of makeup, those bold colours are coming back they are for weddings as well. Embrace the red lipstick on your wedding to show off your fiery and ambitious side.

There are many wonderful colours that you can apply to your lips. A bright red is just the easy one to pick but there are others that you choose as well. Coral, Fuchsia, as well as Burgundy, are all wonderful colours that you can pick. You do not have to go for those colours but they are the trendiest at 2021’s weddings.

One thing that you have got to remember is not to pick a colour that does not match your eye makeup. Well, they do not have to completely match although they do have to complement one another. The last thing that you will want to do is take all of the attention away from your dress and eye makeup because people are looking at your lips. Pick a colour that matches those wonderful wedding flowers.

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In Conclusion

There are a lot of things that you can do when it comes to your wedding. Especially in terms of makeup. There is nothing wrong with sticking to the usual colours that you normally wear. It is your wedding day after all and you will want to wear something that makes you comfy. If you are a minimalist when it comes to makeup then stick to that.

Then again, do not be afraid to try a different colour than what you usually wear. There is nothing wrong with switching up your style every once in a while so why not do that with your makeup? Be brave at your wedding and do something different. Just make sure that you match your makeup with your wedding dress.

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