How To Get Rid Of Silverfish In A Home

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Many people in their homes suffer from these slippery, disgusting, nasty insects. In this regard, many questions arise, such as: How to get rid of silverfish, how to do it quickly, What method of destruction of silverfish to choose? Will it be safe? You will find solutions to these and other issues in our article.

What is Silverfish And Why Do You Need To Get Rid of It? 

Silverfish - is bluish-silver wingless insects with hardcover a length of about 0.5 cm They resemble fish and their movements are very similar... The head has two long antennae and three prominent "tails" at the back. Insect females, depending on the species, lay a fairly large number of eggs from 2 to 20 per day. Silverfish can produce cells at any time of the year and begin from larva to adult in 3-4 months. They are also called silversmiths.

They feed on mould, fungus and carbohydrates (such as sugar, starch or cellulose), which is why they are sometimes called sugar. This involves food (especially dry foods), clothes, shampoos, detergents, books, wallpapers, plants, and more that can be destroyed. While these insects can be found almost everywhere, people prefer dark, humid, average temperatures and places with great food specialists. Therefore, silverfish often wind up in the bathroom. If there is no food, he tries to be somewhere nearby. Thus, common habitats are bathrooms, kitchens, attics and basements. Favourite locations in an apartment are usually under sinks, bathtubs, behind wallpaper, in cracks and voids in walls and floors, windows or doorways and baseboards.

Destruction of Silverfish in The Apartment

Dealing with silverfish is not easy, as it hides in various dark, sheltered locations and reproduces very quickly. They are nocturnal insects (mostly active at night) and can go unnoticed for a long time. Most homeowners only find their tiny bodies, for example, in small crevices or cracks, in peeled wallpaper, etc., at a time when the home is already heavily contaminated. The fact is that most people give up trying to fix the problem, and do not start fighting these parasites in the apartment at the first meeting, relying on the fact that the insect was in the house by accident. This is the very first and main mistake. Not taking any measures to get rid of this problem in the house is a bad decision. If you don't want these creepy insects scurrying around in your bathroom,

Ways to Deal With Silverware in An Apartment

In general, the destruction of silverfish is similar to the destruction of fleas and cockroaches. There are two main ways to combat this insect: natural and chemical. Both can be effective, but chemicals are generally much more expensive. If you decide to try to get rid of the silverware yourself, try natural home remedies first. Natural remedies are safe for you, your children and pets, and they have a wide range of effects on these insects. To get rid of silverfish, you can also use various traps that you can buy in the store or cook at home. So, the main ways to get rid of silverfish at home are mentioned below, otherwise, you can contact us for silverfish removal treatment.

Tips To Get Rid of Silverfish At Home Forever

First, it is necessary to determine the sites of silverfish infection. It's not that hard - they are always there for their food. Second, choose the remedy that is most affordable for you. Below is a list of the ingredients available to combat infestation: citrus fruits, spices, naphthalene, lavender oil, pine nuts. All this can be used to scare away these insects for preventive purposes.


  1. Citrus fruitsThis is, of course, the peel of tangerines, oranges, known to everyone for a long time, the smell of which has a scent repulsive to silverfish. Spread it liberally at the suspected infection sites. Do not use scented cleaners or deodorants, they are not organic and will not have the desired effect on silverfish.
  2. SpicesThe insect does not like strong smells of bay leaves, sage, cloves (not chopped). Wrap the spices in cheesecloth and spread to places where insects appear. This will help scare them off and prevent them from returning.
  3. NaphthaleneWe use it by analogy with the above methods of dealing with silver.
  4. Lavender oil is also repulsive to silverfish, the insect prefers to stay away from its smell - this is a fairly effective means of fighting silverfish. Mix a teaspoon of concentrated lavender oil in a quart of water. Wipe down walls with this solution, carpet, perimeter along baseboards, furniture and other items in your home. Remember to repeat the prophylaxis from time to time.
  5. CucumbersThe scent of cucumbers is a good repellent for the silver bug. Cut the cucumber into thick slices and place them wherever these pests might be hiding. Replace slices as soon as they dry.
  6. Cedar shavingsCedar pieces or shavings are also effective in getting rid of silverfish.

Important tips for fighting


  • Silverfish are known to like wet areas (75 to 95% humidity), so it is suggested to decrease the moisture in the bathroom to about 50%. This can be done with dehumidifiers and fans. Repair any leaks, minimize the moisture present, and ventilate the bathroom and toilet more frequently.
  • Sealing cracks and crevices on walls, floors, as well as holes around pipes, also help to reduce the likelihood of penetration of silver into your apartment.

Lures And Traps For Getting Rid of Silverfish

 Numerous traps are also non-chemical methods of dealing with sugar silverfish that are very cheap and safe. Conventional glue traps are simple and effective and can be purchased at a hardware store. Traps attract the silver beetle and are often caught in them. Sugar, starch, wet cotton can be used as bait for this insect.

Chemical Destruction of Silverfish

If you have already tried all known methods of dealing with this scourge and your efforts did not lead to getting rid of this parasite, then it is probably time to contact the professional pest control service "Major Pest Control" whose specialists will not disregard your application and will promptly arrive at Your chemical pest control facility. For the professional destruction of these bugs, strong drugs are used that are not widely available and, often, special equipment.

Chemical destruction of silverfish

The most common chemical preparation for getting rid of silverfish is liquid cypermethrin, an aqueous emulsion of which cracks and cracks around baseboards and doors are treated. This method is effective for killing adults, but not effective for laid eggs.

Safety Precautions For The Chemical Destruction of Silverware

  • Insecticides used to control silverfish are potentially harmful to mammals.
  • Use disposable face masks to protect your respiratory system when applying insecticides.
  • Avoid applying insecticides near foodstuffs, foodstuffs, utensils and food preparation surfaces.
  • Keep children and pets away from these substances.
  • Read and follow the directions for handling silverfish insecticides very carefully.

It is worth noting that the infection of a bath or apartment with these insects occurs very quickly and is not noticeable. If measures are not taken in time to get rid of the silverware, then these bugs can cause a sufficient number of problems, ranging from health problems to repair the damage. To prevent contamination of the apartment and not face the problem of getting rid of silverfish again, it is necessary to change the conditions that make your apartment or its individual rooms (for example, a bath or kitchen) attractive to silverfish.

For prevention purposes, use natural methods of control that scare them away and are safe for humans and pets. Sometimes the fight against silverfish can drag on for a long time and not lead to the complete destruction of insects. If, despite all the efforts made, you cannot get rid of silverfish forever at home and all your efforts do not lead to the desired result, do not forget about our specialists who are always ready to help in this situation remove parasites in your apartment with a guarantee forever. By ordering the treatment of an apartment or a bath, in the Major Pest Control Company, you will receive comprehensive measures to destroy and protect your home from silverfish, as well as our masters will give recommendations on improving the sanitary and technical conditions of your apartment,

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