Concussion Management - Physical Therapy!

Concussion Management - Physical Therapy!

Our cognitive ability is what makes us think, solve, judge, remember and let us know about things. But what happens to that moment if you lose the ability to think at all? It is disastrous even to acknowledge. 

But apparently, any injury to the brain caused by an action of a head blow can put us into troubles we don't imagine. And this injury is called a concussion. Can simply say we become unconscious. It isn't a threat to life but a condition to care for. 

The severity of the injury itself and the affected person can have symptoms that vary. Still, relevantly the following ones are the matter of concern that may lead to the validity of the existence of the concussion. 

The slow response to the stimuli, vomiting, memory problems, confusion, blurred vision, sluggish feeling, and sensitivity to the fall of light.

Though the patient can't explain the symptoms after having been injured, a physical therapist can be a way out to invest time in understanding you and coordinate with the family members to observe any noticeable changes due to the injury. Even the slightest information is crucial to know how the treatment has to be planned.

Can The Condition Be Diagnosed?

It's hard for a Physical therapist to understand what may have caused you to trouble without the patient explaining it. On an immediate admit, one must address the incident with the symptoms, which helps them interpret and analyze the pain points. 

Based on the severity of the issue, an MRI scan may even not lead to an answer but helps dig deeper into achieving clarity about the presence of infection.  Further, an eye test may follow to ensure the vision isn't affected by this injury. 

As long as the condition is not bleeding or swelling of the brain, it does not ask for surgery. The treatment of physical therapy can still handle the situation. The clarity is attained when Physical Therapist questions you about the trouble point and ensures to repetitively lively frame the same questions to understand the progress throughout the treatment. 

Physical Therapists handle many related aspects of concussion. The point is about you having a daily healthy routine and performing the daily activities while teaching the treatment plan to heal quickly. So since this, a matter of the brain, cardiovascular system, neurological system, and orthopedic is considered.

In the treatment, one can expect 

  1. The Program of Rest

The rest is something we never tend to lean on even when we are doing great. Either the use of electronic devices becomes like a habit during free time. But these activities are limited until recovery. The family members are advised to take care of those constraints. And a limit to work, recreational activities, and sports are also included in the treatment. 

  1. Balance Therapy in Action

The symptoms of the concussion also have balance and dizziness problems. And if that is something a patient is experiencing, then vestibular therapy can aid the condition as the inner ear is in contact with the brain; working on this system can prevent the condition.  So for the same, exercises are taught.

  1. Therapeutic Exercise Program

An athlete is an inpatient about rest as fitness allures them. But rest at the same time is essential for healing. Due to inactivity, the loss of strength in the muscles is usually observed, and indeed we lose endurance. To regain strength and endurance, the physical therapists, after a certain period, include a therapeutic program and analyze the symptoms in the process. 

  1. Get Back On Being An Athlete. 

We crawl, we chain, and in the end, it's time to be back to the objective of the treatment that is to restore normal activities. After observing no symptoms of any sort, the therapist ensures you develop normal activities without overloading the brain or the nervous system as it can induce the symptoms back again. And hence it is essential to ensure overloading is avoided.

Final Thoughts

The condition is treated as long as we avoid the activities that can come in our way of healing. A licensed physical therapist treats concussions in the safest way possible to restore cognitive functions. We can't prevent the coming of injury, but we can control the condition from worsening and lead towards recovery. As accidents are inevitable, at physical therapy, the resolution to this is concussion management. 

Are you looking for concussion management? Physical Therapy is into this therapy, ensuring to diagnose and meet your goals with the tailored treatment plans is our objective. Need any assistance with the same, then we are here to help you out of the troublesome moments. Be a part of the management and deal with the pain intelligently rather than suffering through it in the long run.

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