Top 6 Sustainable Travel Destinations in The US

Top 6 Sustainable Travel Destinations in the US

You’ve always wanted to visit the US but you have no idea where to start? Look no further because we’re here to help you out! Here are the top five sustainable travel destinations in the United States for all the adventurers who care about the environment. All of these are eco-friendly as well, which is a good enough reason to give them a try. So, check them out and enjoy!

Alaska Is Absolutely Unmatched…

Did you know that Alaska is the leading state when it comes to environmentalism and sustainability? That’s right, and it’s probably because it prides itself on more than 100 national and state parks, as well as dozens of endangered or threatened species. Speaking of ecotourism, we must mention eco-lodges that emerged over the last few years. These run exclusively on alternative power sources, which is exactly what makes them eco-friendly and sustainable. When visiting Alaska, be sure to opt for one of the numerous eco-tours that explore the magnificent glaciers, outstanding mountains, the vast tundra, and untouched wilderness. Denali National Park and Preserve is a place you simply mustn’t skip when in Alaska. This state’s breathtaking landscape will completely sweep you off your feet. So, don’t wait any longer and plan your eco-friendly Alaskan trip!

… As Well As Hawaii

On the other hand, if you prefer more exotic destinations within the US, we must say that Hawaii is an ideal place for you. In case you didn’t know, this island has been practicing sustainability for millennia. That’s right, which is why this state is a long-time member of the International Ecotourism Society. Apart from its astonishing beaches and crystal clear waters, you can always take part in water sports when in Hawaii. From surfing and snorkeling to scuba diving and kayaking – the possibilities are truly endless in this marvelous place. If you want to learn about the ancient sustainability methods, be sure to visit Pu‘uhonua o H┼Źnaunau National Historical Park. Hiking to Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park is also a must, as well as getting to know Hawaiian culture at a hula festival. This undoubtedly is the best way to explore Hawaii at its finest!

Colorado Will Take Your Breath Away

If you’re a passionate eco-tourist who can’t wait to explore the US, we must say that Colorado should be the next destination on your list. This is a state with a very diverse landscape; however, many people will agree that Rocky Mountain National Park is the best thing to see in Colorado. This place is famous for its extreme weather patterns. That’s right – don’t be surprised if it snows in July at higher points such as Bear Lake, Longs Peak, and Trail Ridge Road. Needless to say, this area is incredibly attractive to adventurous mountain bikers, too. If you’re one of them, don’t forget to bring your trusty mountain bikes and give them a go here in Colorado. One thing is certain – you’ll have the time of your life. Besides that, don’t skip rafting through river canyons either. We’re sure that you’ll love it!

Don’t Miss Washington

Speaking of sustainability and eco-friendly practices in Washington, we must mention Adrift Hotel in the first place. It is a certified Social Purpose Corporation on the Washington Coast offers an eco-first approach to hospitality. If you visit Seattle, you’ll get a chance to try sustainably sourced produce such as coffee, beer, and seafood. If you’re interested in eco-friendly activities, don’t miss kayaking, hiking, and rock climbing. These are extremely popular in Washington for a good reason. Also, did you know that Seattle is also known as the Emerald City? It’s because of its amazing parks and forests that stretch all over this city and make it green – literally. So, if you want to visit one of the greenest and environmentally sustainable cities in the US – Seattle should be your next destination!

Oregon Has A Lot To Offer, Too…

When it comes to pioneers in the green movement, we can freely say that the Pacific Northwest has always been one of them. First of all, this state prides itself on miles of natural, pristine beauty. There is so much to explore by foot; however, as Oregon’s cycling population is rapidly growing, you can explore this state by bike, too! There are numerous trails and bike routes, so all you need to do is to find the best one that suits your preferences. If you’re a huge wine lover, you shouldn’t skip Amity Vineyards. This is a sustainable vineyard established back in 1991. It produces eco-wines that are both organic and sulfite-free. There’s also an eco-pub called Hopworks Urban Brewery strongly believes in the ‘reduce, reuse, and recycle motto. Visit it and you won’t make a mistake!

… And The Same Goes For California

Last but certainly not least, there is California one of the most sustainable destinations in the US. Green travel is a huge part of this state. It probably has something to do with the entire culture of staying fit and healthy. California has completely shifted the tourism landscape, which is a great thing if you ask us. Firstly, around 95% of Yosemite National Park is protected from urban activity. As for the remaining 5%, there are significant efforts to decrease emissions by using green concessions and shuttle buses. On the other hand, there are many eco-friendly tours to Indian Canyons, San Andreas Fault, and Joshua Tree National Park from Palm Springs. So, if you want to go all eco-friendly in California, opt for one of many sustainable hotels and you’ll do a great job!

As you can tell, there are so many fantastic yet sustainable travel destinations in the US you simply need to visit. Each of them really has something unique to offer. So, do your research and find the best one according to your personal preferences. Once you do that, plan your sustainable trip to the tiniest detail and you’ll embark on an unforgettable adventure here in the US. It’s a promise!

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