5 Heatmap Software to Boost Your Conversion

5 Heatmap Software to Boost Your Conversion

"Heatmaps Are A Set of Online Tools For User Behaviour Tracking and Analysis."


Heatmap software is a cloud-based application that permits you to track visitor's behavior on your site using a color scale. So you can, without much of a stretch, track how clients interact with your website or on the mobile app on a real-time basis.


Heatmaps show you precisely how clients are collaborating with your website utilizing a shading scale. Particular areas of your website, known as areas of interest, will show up in hot shadings like reds and oranges. Less well-known areas of the page will show up in cool tones, blues, and greens.


Heatmap software helps to boost conversions and bring optimum results by tracking user behavior and modifying websites according to their preferences.


Here is the list of best Heatmap software tools in 2021 to boost conversion

    # 1. NotifyVisitors (USP- use of single code for multiple domain usage)


NotifyVisitors Heatmap software is the best customer engagement software for the business, incredible for understanding your client experience., aiming to provide immediate visual information of every movement of mouse activity with real-time analytics. It shows online live visitor interactions on your website. It is affordable and simple all in one analytics and heatmap software. The unique feature of this tool is that it follows a single code for multiple domain usage with a huge audience.


They offer you a customized plan for pricing options and ask you to take a trial before going further into it. ( no credit card required) 

# 2. Hotjar ( USP:  It gives you the most sultry information without over-burdening you with numbers. )


The Hotjar heatmap stage is very easy to use. The dashboard is extremely kind to the eye. You get the fundamental heatmaps for clicking, mouse development, and looking over. It does heatmaps for different gadgets. You additionally see the download and share heatmaps. Hotjar does session recordings. You can add notes with timestamps to accounts and share them with the team. Hotjat allows you to make surveys to study like NPS. There is also a feedback module and sentiment monitoring.


There is a free trial plan for starting with Hotjar heatmap with a limited version of Hotjar available.

The plus version is $39/month. Business plans have custom pricing.

# 3. Mouseflow ( USP:  The unique part is you can incorporate this tool with HTML, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Shopify, and then some more.)


Mouseflow is designed in a way to assist you with understanding why your site visits aren't converting. The Mouseflow heatmap instrument permits you to make a click, scroll, consider geological and development guides to proficiently inform your UX and marketing decisions. In addition, it permits you to make custom intelligent interactions to focus on a particular crowd shortly.


Suitable for all types of business with a price ranging from $24/ month ranging to 299/month when paid annually.

# 4. Lucky orange (USP- Good tool for conversion optimization after Notify Visitors heatmap software tool)

Lucky orange

Lucky Orange helps to compare historical data and see what keywords, areas, referrers, tweets, and so on are driving traffic and practices on your site and filter based on behavioral tags. It keeps the track record of visitors by recording it to know why visitors are not converted. It permits you to look through which Field on-site structures are causing the most friction.

Surveys can have various inquiries and can be triggered at the perfect time.


After the trial period of 7 days, its pricing starts from $10 for starters and the most popular being $20 for the small business and increasing with how large the company is.

# 5. Plerdy (USP: For UX and CRP Analysis )


Plerdy heatmap tool permits you to follow clicks, mouse development, and scroll data information from any of your pages. You can likewise utilize the Plerdy heatmap tool to follow the snap way of your clients to enhance your website page designs. Experienced advertisers, UX specialists, and SEO experts depend on such party heatmap programming to record clicks, floats, scrolls, and interactions with a site.



Purdy has a restricted free version accessible which records up to 2000 site hits each day.

There's a 14-day free preliminary for every single paid plan.


Final Thoughts

So heatmaps help you perceive how guests browse your website, what grabs their eye, and which components divert them.

Analysts and examiners utilize plenty of devices and strategies to sort the gathered information and present them easier to understand. To this end, heatmaps help experts from each industry, whether health, tech, finance, or education. The heatmap software should be such that -

       It should show real-time analytics rather than showing a screenshot of the web page.

       It should provide immediately visual information of every movement of mouse activity.

       It should identify the loopholes and give better data analysis.

       It should improve the website performance by identifying cluttered web pages enhancing brand presence.

       Most importantly, it should provide the optimum conversion rate.

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