3 Fun Weekend Activities To Do This Summer

3 Fun Weekend Activities To Do This Summer

You Could Have an Important, Fun Summer

Summer can be a bore without some of the activities giving a fun time a shove. These three activities for a whirlwind summer can be the capstone to a special season. Nobody wants to be the one who spends each summer doing nothing interesting at all. Traveling to a state park, going to a ballgame, and seeing an art museum will help take the heat off planning for summer.

Outside is Fine

Anyone who has ever lost themselves in the wilderness will know the joys of a state park. Deep in the heart of Louisiana lies Jimmie Davis State Park. There is every type of outdoors at this state park, from backpacking and camping to boating and the beach.

Those who love history will dally for days because of the park's historical significance. A peaceful marsh and a small creek will clear your head of any worry. Whatever the reason you choose to go, this is a state park adventure that will need retelling.

What a better way to kick off a special summer than by heading to Louisiana and spending some sweet soul time searching for yourself in the woods? Going to a state park is mutually beneficial. While you are enjoying your time outside, the money you leave is working to keep gorgeous places like this open for everyone.

Another Park

The tension surrounding each at-bat to a baseball game at the park is as high as the bottom of the ninth when it is on TV. A ballgame may be just the ticket to see all the stars before the boys of summer are gone. Nothing tops going to the park, seeing the game from a different angle, getting a hotdog, and rooting for your team.

You can even take a nap in the third or fourth inning and wake up with the same score. Baseball is a fan favorite sport because everyone has played it. However, seeing it up close will show you the outrageous talent that the game's best players have to offer.

Now not everyone completely understands baseball. It is the thinking man's game. Hitters hit fastballs plenty, but they stay in the yard. Hitters will make home runs of curveballs if they hit one, but they never do. Also, if you start thinking too hard, someone will steal a base. Baseball is lovely because hitters believe they should get the pitcher's respect and get a ball, and sometimes pitchers throw a strike.

Look at the manager who must watch the substitution he made yesterday, which makes the team flame out today and tomorrow. Watching your team at the park is an extraordinary cap to a summer of rooting for them.

Appreciating Art

Sometimes people do not know what art means precisely. Art is a second meaning to a word or picture that says something to the reader or viewer. Art is fun because trees dress in camouflage, characters follow monkshood flowers to enlightenment, and a gold leaf painting is of a gold leaf. You can have fun trying to 'get' what the painter means by his piece. It could be a play on words, but the meaning of the painting is what is meant by each part of the piece he drew in words.

Complete a fun summer with some indoor fun by going to an art museum. Going to see art will inspire you to think critically about what you see, and the art at a museum will astonish you if you see the meanings of the paintings. If learning fills your mind until it is too full, art will create more space in yours. Think about getting excited to see the classics; you do not even have to read them. From the abstract to the photoreal, art is an incredible experience both mentally and visually.


A significant summer awaits you if you decide to take these trips. A little time outside, a little time inside, and some time in between will brighten what could be a dull year without a bit of summer fun. Consider going to a state park, a ballgame, and an art museum because they will be the joys of a whole, happy summertime. Every season has its benefits, and one summer can last a lifetime.

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