How To Write A Sales Page That Converts

How To Write A Sales Page That Converts

To tell the truth it could be a little bit harder to start writing a sales page as it requires new knowledge of this sphere because it’s something different from usual content, blog posts, or even emails. Let’s pretend or maybe you are offering a digital product as selling online courses. It means people should pay a big amount of money and for it, you need to gain their trust. Yeah, if you already have online courses it doesn't mean that you have your work done. It is not enough to have a page, you should have a good strategy to develop it.

But what should the sales page look like?

 It needs to be attractive, educative, and convincing, all at the same time.

 Remember to do everything to not lose  

your money as if it is not optimized for conversions, any investment in marketing and advertising that you use to make your products famous will be wasted.

It would be great, yeah if I share with you everything I know about writing high-converting sales pages.

Sales pages are really important as it is almost the last step until sailing your product.

If you want to write a sales page we should show you some examples but until then you need to follow some of these steps. 

Find The Right Way To Communicate With Your Customers: 

Have special content for them by carefully chosen words. Be attentive unless you do not know who you’re talking to.

First of all, just create an audience persona. Do you know what is it? It's one of my favorite parts as it is really interesting and a little bit hard as it makes you think a lot. That’s an "artificial" person who you think is your ideal customer. 

And now just because you have already known your target audience you should know how to communicate with them.


It is the most responsible part as here you “describe” your course firstly. Find attention-grabbing headlines which will be informative and at the same time persuasive.

What is it about? (description)

Write all about your course, what students are going to learn from it, the advantages it will give them if they attend your course. Spend a few paragraphs and be sure you provide all the information like about skill levels, how many students attended, which languages you use, number of lectures, certificates, etc. Do not forget to mention available features. These all are really important and I will show some examples.

Call to action. This is the button that makes people buy your course. Simply it is written add your card or buy now.

Info about you. As I have already told you at the very beginning you should gain the trust of the people who are looking for your course. And for that just give your bio. Hey! Let your personality shine!

FAQs: Imagine the number of people checking updates of your online course every day and probably a lot of them will have questions and rather answer their emails which will take time. You need to have this tool to answer them all in one place.

Good design. You can suffer and work hard to have a good sales page but without a good design, you will not feel the results. Yeah, honestly it plays an essential role here as a well-designed website that has all the necessary tools to make your content reading makes your future customers stay there longer. Let’s see: beautiful images, colorful and bold words, don’t you think that all this says a lot.  Anyway, it does not mean that luxury design is eye-catching. No, keep it simple, elegant, and balanced. 


When you have already known who your target customers are, you have to mention your value proposition. This is a really important tool, as imagine how many competitors you have, and by mentioning the price of your course/product you can emphasize the fact that your products are cheap.

Let’s see the example below. Firstly, imagine you have an SEO course.

Title:                         SEO training course.

By the numbers:         Skill level: All levels                                   

         Students: 126565

          Languages: English

         Lectures: 7

         Video: 5 total hours.

Features:               Available on iOS and Android.

Description:                  SEO is a science about persuading search engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc to recommend your content to their users. Optimizing a website for search engines can require looking at so many unique elements that many practitioners of SEO (SEOs) consider themselves to be in the broad field of website optimization. Over 120,000 students, marketing specialists have enrolled 

What you’ll learn;

  • You will have enough information about SEO.

Who this course is for:

  • For people who are interested in this profession.
  • Webmasters
  • Bloggers
  • Business owners
  • Online Marketers
  • Search Engine Optimization Beginners / Experts
  • Web Designers and Web Developers who want to design/develop search engine optimized website

About me: Hey!  I am ** ***.  I help ambitious SEO managers to level-up their skills. I studied in various spheres such as search engine optimization, web development, graphic design, etc. I have over 300,000 students from all over the world and my courses have received high admiration.

To sum up

A sales page I think is the best opportunity to convince your website visitors and make them want to buy and use your service. I will be happy to know that you are already confident with writing sales pages

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