5 Ways How Plantation Shutters Can Enhance The Beauty of Home Decor

5 Ways How Plantation Shutters Can Enhance The Beauty of Home Decor

With plenty of beautiful options for ornamental window treatments, it's tricky to choose between blinds, curtains, shutters, and drapes.

Even with so many options, homeowners across Australia continue to choose plantation shutters as a perfect and stunning way to pair their interior design and window décor together. 

Window Plantation shutters are versatile, attractive, functional, and ultimately re-define your home. The excellent benefits make them the perfect solution for any living space.

Whether you prefer a modern, minimalist, classical, or traditional style, plantation shutters have a universal aesthetic appeal that will complement any home's interior decor.

Plantation shutters come in many extravagant styles with a premium finish. You can create a signature style for your interiors by combining plantation shutters with curtains or drapes.

Plantation shutters Melbourne are becoming increasingly popular since they create a spacious, elegant, and bright feel to any space. Pair them with layered soft window treatments like drapery panels to create a lush appearance. 

Get ready to turn the heads in your neighbourhood with our creative ideas for plantation shutters, Melbourne.

5 Creative Plantation Shutter Design Ideas To Re-define Your Interior

The simple and elegant designs of exterior window plantations shutters imbue a classic aura. You can combine shutters and experiment with other window treatments to beautify your home's existing décor.

Rod-pocket or eyelet, floor-kissing curtains arranged on either side of the window softens the shutter edges and adds a warm finish.

You can also pair cafe shutters with valances or drapes. Install shutters on the bottom half of the window for light control and privacy. Place stand-alone or scarf valance on the upper half to add a unique, elegant style with a simple pattern.

Wondering how to style your plantation shutters?

We have curated home decor ideas and helpful tips for pairing shutters with each design style.

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Modern Style Decor

Modern design is a broad term that features the following elements

        A simple and plain colour palette.

        Designed using glass, steel and other metals.

        The interior design has a crisp and clean finish.

The main objective of modern decor is to infuse simplicity in all elements of the home, including furniture, giving a sleek look with nominal accessories.

Modern decor rarely utilises wooden accents. Therefore PVC or composite plantation shutters are most suitable to bring up the contemporary tone.

Composite plantation shutters are budget-friendly, highly resilient and give a look of natural wood.

PVC plantation shutters are expertly designed with robust frames that will impart both grandeur and utility. PVC shutters are resistant to warpage, peeling, chipping, cracking or discolouration.

They are ideal for areas with excessive moisture content like bathrooms and kitchen.

With exceptional strength and durability, you can use PVC shutters for large, expansive windows.

You can easily maintain the polish of PVC and composite plantation shutter by dusting with a soft cloth or wiping with a damp cloth (only PVC).

Rustic Style Decor

As the name suggests the rustic design creates a natural aesthetic appeal. Featuring natural elements like wood and stone rustic decor incorporate accessories and furnishings that illustrate a warm and rich finish.

Stone counters, reclaimed wooden floors, wood beams, tables, and chairs are characteristic features of a rustic styled home.

Wood Plantation shutters are undoubtedly the best option for rustic décor and effortlessly transform your living space. If you're planning to enhance your home with rustic décor, you can go for basswood or teak wood plantation shutters.

You can choose colours to match the window from a wide range of non-toxic stains. You can even design bespoke wooden window plantation shutters for your home with custom paints for a unique look.

Personalised wood plantation shutters offer significant insulation, giving your outdoor-inspired space a cosy and comfortable indoor feel.

Complement your décor with an earthy and elegant look.

Minimalist Design

Minimalist decor is a refinement of modern decor. Minimalist design features-

        Minimal, simple and streamlined furnishings

        Sleek, clean feel

        Plain and simple (sometimes monochromatic) colour palette.

        Nominal decor elements

Minimalist decor promotes a sense of utility and functionality. You can experiment with minimalist ideas for budget plantation shutter decor.

The clean and crisp plantation shutters have minimalist tones like hidden tilt rods and automated operation.

In addition to multiple functionalities, plantation shutters are a longlasting and durable window treatment adding style, value and beauty to a minimalist home.

A key creative concept for minimalist-inspired decor is not to shy away from colour. Shutter panels, frames or louvres with a contrasting finish will highlight and express a touch of flair to an interior with sparse furnishings.

Wooden undertones can give a natural essence, while bold colours can define a playful vibe while providing the functionality and elegant design that a minimalist desires.

Industrial Style Inspired Decor

Inspired from industrial designs, this decor incorporates industrial elements like an urban loft or a warehouse.

Industrial decor imparts a sense of unfinished rawness, as seen in exposed brick, ductwork, or wood in industrial-designed homes. These homes feature high ceilings, renovated lofts, and sparse furniture proving functionality.

You can create an industrial designed ambience using wooden plantation shutters. They will complement the exposed wood, bare brick and metal elements in an industrial-designed living space.

You can utilise wooden plantation shutters throughout your home to add a flair of industrial decor for a uniform look.

The natural pale colour of basswood plantation shutters allows you to play with various colours palettes. Many online stores extract furniture-grade basswood from a sustainable source to manufacture plantation shutters.

The Good-Old Traditional Décor

A style influenced by lavish and elite furnishings, traditional decor features, accessories and furnishings placed throughout the home.

You can play with rich colour palettes and a variety of royal textures and patterns with traditional-style homes. The furniture in a traditionally styled interior may have elaborate and ornate fabrics for creating depth and texture.

White Teak plantation shutters are a popular choice for creating this timeless and classic traditional design. The pristine silvery colour of White Teak adds an elite touch to your decor.

Transform Your Interior

Buy plantation shutters and use our creative guide to give an awe-inspiring transformation to your home. Thanks to the internet and online marketplaces, you can purchase premium quality and cheap plantation shutters with just a few clicks. Consult with a style expert to create your ideal living space.

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