Want to Import Wines from Australia? Follow this Guide

Want to Import Wines from Australia? Follow this Guide

Wine lovers often fantasize about scenes from films like Under the Tuscan Sun or Year of the Comet and they often feel trapped in their daily life afterward. Currently, Australia is one of the top producers of the finest wines which can range from sweet to smoky to sour or range between dry to full-bodied juicy beverages.

South Australian wines are on the verge of becoming the top producer and exporter of wines. If you want to import wine from Australia, you need to have a few regularities that need to be checked and confirmed from your end to avoid any unwanted hassles with customs or the government. 

Facts About Import Wine From Australia

For ages, Italy has remained the undisputed monarch of winemaking. The tantalizing aerial views of the grapes in various shades of red are enough to make any oenophile feel the urge to touch and taste the product.

But, looking at the Australian vineyards you will feel the same calling to your soul for a sip of the heady tastes of the wines produced there. Be it the Riverland region or the Barossa area, when you import wine From Australia you can rest assured that the quality that you are paying for is far superior to the price you pay.

Wines To Look Out For

To help you make a good list of wines that you can and should import from Australia, we have compiled the names of 3 such drinks along with some interesting facts that you can share with your friends over a glass or two.

  • Vincent Grenache – red wines are always full-bodies with a sweet aftertaste that makes you throw your head back and reminiscence all the great times you had in life. Taking the taste further, the sweet and tangy cherries taste with a hint of leather makes this medium red wine a favorite amongst best friends. Coming from one of the oldest vineyards sin the world located at Cirillo, these 88-year-old bottles will surely be your best bud.
  • Eden Valley Riesling – if you are a lover of authentic Riesling to serve at a literary gathering, look no further than a bottle or a few from Powell & Son. This sweet and semi-dry wine is a perfect brunch partner coming from 80 years old vineyards.
  • Lion’s Tooth Of Mclaren Vale Shiraz-Riesling – if you are a lover of the improbable then this Shiraz-Riesling pairing is sure to hit you at all the right spots. Coming from the Dandelion Vineyards, Elena Brooks has managed to create a pair that will make you shudder with happiness from the first sip.
Things to remember to import wine From Australia

Things To Remember To Import Wine From Australia.

In Australia, you may be required to apply for a license or an import certificate to import wine from Australia. To have your certificate approved, you need to submit the following:

  • Origin certificate
  • Certificates of organic processing
  • V11 certificates (European Union)

Further Eligibility Criteria To Import Wine From Australia Include:

  • Certificates that guarantee that you are eligible to export wine or grape products.
  • 10 days’ notice to the export company
  • Details about the grape product or wine you want to import.
  • Make sure that the intended product(s) follow the Food Standards Code

Wines from Australia are gaining worldwide recognition. Given the diversity of the country, you can find all you need for your wine collection from one place.

Final Thoughts

Consumption of wine is tagged to be healthy when done in moderation. Being rich in grape extracts, wines boast of a greater number of antioxidants, and the alcoholic content, which varies, enables you to relax. When you import wine from Australia you are gifting yourself and your loved ones a bottle that has trapped taste and happiness. Choose your wine wisely and you will be rewarded with unforgettable memories.

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