Business Benefits of USB Extension Cables

Business Benefits of USB Extension Cables

A problem that is faced by a number of workplaces is that the majority of the electrical devices that are made use of by businesses today, such as the likes of scanners and printers and various other items of office equipment, come with cables that are simply too short to reach power sockets.

This can make the process of connecting the equipment to the power source, while still having them kept in an appropriate and non-intrusive position in the office, a very challenging and difficult one. The good news, however, is there is a simple way to ensure smooth operations by easily connecting peripherals to laptops or PCs.

USB extension cables, like the ones at RS Components, have an important role to play in the business world, being capable of connecting a wide array of peripherals to computers to enable the quick transfer of data between devices.

Extending The Functionality of Inaccessible USB Ports

One of the primary benefits of USB extension cables is that they provide much easier access to USB ports situated on units. A USB extension cable can thus be used to gain access to external devices that have cables that are too short to reach.

Quicker Transfer of Data

The ability to quickly transfer data is of ever more relevant importance in today’s fast-paced world. One major benefit of making use of USB extension cables is that they are able to carry more data every second than any other type of cable.

USB extension cables are able to carry around 12MB of data every second, in comparison to the 115kb per second transfer of other cables.


For those who need to have their laptop or computer linked up to two or more devices, a USB hub means that multiple devices can be connected to just one single USB port.

Charging Devices

Another big benefit for businesses in USB extension cables is that they have the ability to charge gadgets such as tablets and mobile phones.

Data Transfer Sans Power and Internet

USB extension cables are able to transfer files from phones to computers even if there is no current available internet access. USB extension cables also do not require any connection to an external power source in order to exchange data or transfer files.

Data Fluctuation Reduction

USB extension cables are not only capable of speeding up the time it takes to transfer data but can also cut down on data fluctuation even if data is being transferred in bulk.

Affordability and Availability

Businesses will find USB extension cables easily available both offline and online, and they come in many different capacities, IP ranges, lengths and price ranges.

Durability and Versatility

There are coloured, flat, long, round, and short USB extension cables, all of which are designed to be very durable and long-lasting.

Smaller USB Cable Ports

That the size of the port is smaller is another big benefit for businesses that make use of USB extension cables. This has meant that computer manufacturers have been able to design more compact, lighter, and thinner computers or laptops.

USB extension cables provide great value to businesses by ensuring accurate data transmission and electronic device charging as well as making it easy for multiple devices to connect with computers.

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