Benefits Of Using Boom Concrete Pumping In Commercial Projects


Benefits Of Using Boom Concrete Pumping In Commercial Projects

When ready mix concrete is poured manually, the entire construction process becomes long and arduous. The need for manpower and chances of error increases. And, to fix these problems you need efficient measures like concrete pumping. A concrete pump is equipment used to mix and transfer concrete to the desired area. There are two main types of concrete pumpings i.e - Boom and Line. For smaller residential projects, line pumping is appropriate while for the larger ones, Boom pumping fits better. Do you have a commercial project on hand? We hope that this article about the benefits of Boom concrete pumping’ by Ready-mix-specialists will help you.

What is Boom Pump?

Boom pumps are a revolutionary alternative to the traditional line pumps. A concrete pump is mounted on a truck hence it is also known as a truck-mounted pump. The concrete mix is poured at the desired location with the help of a robotic arm that is called a boom.

Why Using Boom Concrete Pumping in Large Commercial Projects is Beneficial.

1.      Reduced Manpower

In today’s time, there is a scarcity of skilled labourers who can pour concrete in a fast and efficient manner. However, the need for quality construction is not reducing at all. And, this leads to a huge gap between the demand and supply of skilled labourers. Here’s where concrete pumps come into the picture. These pumps effectively transfer concrete to the desired location and minimize the dependency on labours. The transfer process becomes simpler and that ultimately saves manpower, energy, and costs.

2.     Rapid Unloading

Pouring concrete, especially in big commercial projects, is a long and tiring process. No matter how efficient the team is, manual pouring consumes a lot of time. Using pumps boosts the speed and makes the pouring process more efficient, resulting in minimum project delays. Hire a professional company for concrete mixing and pumping and never miss a deadline! Looking for ready-mix concrete and concrete pumping services in London, Essex, and Kent? 

3.     Accuracy and precision

Precision and accuracy is every construction project owner’s first priority. It is one of the most important aspects they would want to achieve. Concrete pumps are designed specifically to optimize accuracy and ensure precise placement of concrete. The greatest benefit of boom concrete pumping is that it provides higher accuracy even in areas that are inaccessible by workers.

4.     Quality Concrete mixing

When the cement is mixed with the help of a concrete mixer, the entire process becomes hassle-free. Consistency is maintained in the quality of concrete and the mixture isn't mixed with debris and mud. There is the least possibility of the mixture suffering from defects like cracks or shrinks. Concrete pumps yield a ready-mix-concrete that is high-quality and long-lasting. The future maintenance of this concrete is cost-friendly as it requires no to fewer repairs.

5.     Easy Access

Some sites can be difficult to access and far away from the roadside. A concrete pump can easily overcome these issues by using a boom (a robotic hand) to deliver the concrete to the right place. The boom is also used to deliver the concrete in elevated positions such as over a house or other tall structures blocking the way. Whether it’s an apartment building, through an alleyway, or a bridge – boom concrete pumps can deliver your concrete exactly where you need it to be!

Where To Use A Boom Concrete Pump?

        Building foundations/Concrete Piling

        Industrial estate floors

        Residential construction

        Road works/bridges/platforms

        Driveways/pathways/ basements

Signing off

We hope that this article helps you decide the right concrete pumping solution for your project. Apart from concrete pumps, if you are in the dire need of a ready mix concrete in London or surroundings, approach ready-mix specialists that can cater to all your concrete needs.

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