12 Daily Habits to Change to Save on Your Utility Bills


12 Daily Habits to Change to Save on Your Utility Bills

Utility bills can differ depending on your home, whether in your region and fuel type. Further, nobody can even imagine his or her life without electricity. You do need air-conditioners, microwaves, refrigerators, laptops, heaters, fans, etc., to name a few. However, most of us begin misusing all of these appliances and devices to the max, and in turn, escalates our utility bills.

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With no time, misusing turns into daily habits. Well, that needs to be changed, no matter how many it is. Many times, you’re unaware of your bad manners unless someone pokes you. So, here are 12 daily habits for your reference, which you can change to save on your utility bills.

1) Overlooking Cracks and Leaks

You should never ignore the amount of heat your home is losing due to cracks and leaks. There are many areas in your home that allow air to creep in the house during the summer. Hence, you must check doors, windows, and other possible areas thoroughly and pay attention to cracks and leaks.

2) Ignoring To Program Thermostat

Do you know minimizing the temperature of your thermostat by 7 to 10 degrees for at least 8 hours can save you up to 10% of your utility bills? Yes, that’s true! When you’re asleep or not at home, you can minimize its temperature to fill your pockets.

3) Using Hot Water For Laundry

Instead of hot water, you should be using cold or normal temperature water, no matter you’re washing manually or in a machine. This will automatically bring down your energy cost.

4) Placing Refrigerator Improperly

Not all know that refrigerator is one of the highly-using energy appliances. Therefore, you should place it 2 inches from the wall for more power efficiency. Such placement of refrigerator will improve the airflow around it, leading to lowering of the energy bills. Also, avoid keeping your refrigerator in front of direct sunlight as it can consume more electricity.

5) Not Changing Air Conditioner Filters

An efficient HVAC system can lower your bills. But, oftentimes, the air conditioner filter gets dirty, capturing dirt, dust, and other pollutants and making the HVAC system work harder. Hence, change the filters every month or two during summers.

6) Forgetting to Remove Charged Phones

Always be cautious with your gadgets, especially your smartphones. You can put your phone on charge; then forget to un-plug it. This can lead to the rising of your utility bills, and also damaging your phone’s battery.

7) Leaving The TV on Standby Power

The amount of energy consumed by TV on standby mode is difficult to measure, but it does consume energy. It is one of the common household issues. People misunderstand the concept and switch off the TV through the remote but ignore the main switch. This daily habit can consume more energy.

8) Closing Vents in Unoccupied Rooms

Like many people, you must also be thinking that it's wise to close vents when the room is not in use. The truth is your heating system’s ductwork is designed to provide heat all over your house. And when you disrupt the system by closing it, it won’t work as it should.

9) Considering Fireplace As A Heat Source

It might seem a good idea to use a fireplace for heat and turn off your thermostat during winter. By doing this, you would be making the situation worse. The heat will then pass through the chimney and go out of your house. Then the chimney will sweep in the chilled air from outside and pass it to your home, forcing the fireplace to work harder.

10) Not Using Curtains Correctly

Here’s the winter tip to save energy bills: Keep your curtains closed during the night or when the sun is not entering your home to lessen heat loss. Then when it's sunny outside, open your curtains or blinds and let the sun's warmth renders warmness to your home.

11) Failing To Wrap Windows

A large amount of heat can escape from your home through your inefficient windows. Well, this can escalate your utility bills by 25-30%. Don't worry, as there’s a solution to it! You can replace your inefficient windows or add shades to them. One of the cheapest ways is to install window films inside of the glass.

12) Ignoring To Use of Energy-Efficient Appliances

When you plan to purchase appliances like dishwashers, microwaves, TV, or AC, make sure that it is energy-efficient. You simply need to check its label. It may cost you a little more but will pay off in the long term.

Did Your Builder Generate The Section J Report?

The most important question to ask when buying or renovating your home. Above were the daily habits that would help you in saving energy when you live in your house. But what about when it is built?

Your builder has to generate a report describing compliance with Section J, highlighting energy efficiency requirements. If they meet the requirements, then you’ll live in an energy-efficient home. All of these will result in penny-pinching.

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